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‘1923’: Helen Mirren Confirms She’s Returning For Season 2 Of ‘Yellowstone’ Prequel

The Yellowstone prequel hit the screen in December and played out in eight episodes through the end of February. Unlike the first prequel, which only aired one season, it quickly earned a renewal.

The next chapter will feature many of the faces we hate and love, including Helen Mirren’s. She confirmed her return during a recent interview with CBS Mornings.


Along with the news, the Oscar winner also teased about what’s in store when the story picks back up. Most importantly, she had a thought on one of the most-asked questions, when will Spencer go home?


When asked about her long-lost nephew, Mirren joked that he better get back to the ranch quickly because poor Cara Dutton, her character, can’t keep begging. But then she opened up and said he’ll probably join his family soon.

“I don’t know if I can write many more letters saying ‘you’ve got to come home, Spencer. We need you’” she laughed.

“…I suspect we’ll see him in Montana,” she added, more seriously. “I hope so.”

Harrison Ford is Joining Helen Mirren for Season 2 of ‘1923’

Spencer spent the entire first season trying to make it back to the United States from Africa. After meeting his bride, Alex, he was determined to give up his rather dangerous life and settle down in Montana. But getting home proved to be a seemingly impossible task, and the series showed his life as a separate storyline from the rest of the Duttons.

When—or if—he eventually finds his way home, he will join those who survived the first season, including Harrison Ford, who shared in February while talking on Today that he is continuing with the series.

Ford sat down with Savannah Guthrie the same day that Paramount+ announced the renewal and revealed his return.

“There’s rumors of a second season. Will you be there?” asked Guthrie.

“Yeah,” Ford answered nonchalantly.

“I love it. You know what? It’s not like interviewing a politician. I just got a direct answer,” laughed Guthrie. “Thank you so much!”

1923 is part of Taylor Sheridan’s Dutton saga. It and its predecessor, 1883, detail how the powerful Yellowstone family become the owners of the largest cattle farm in the United States. The entire first season and all of the episodes of 1883 are available on Paramount + now.


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