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4 Things We’ll Miss About GH’s William Lipton And Cameron Webber

The talented young actor has certainly made a mark on General Hospital and Port Charles.

General Hospital’s super teen quad – Cameron Webber, Josslyn Jacks, Spencer Cassadine, and Trina Robinson – is about to take a major hit as one of the fearsome foursome, Cam, is heading off to college because William Lipton is taking a break to focus on college until the end of the semester.

William Lipton Takes A Break
His departure as Elizabeth’s (Rebecca Herbst) eldest son and Josslyn’s (Eden McCoy) ex-boyfriend will leave a major void on the ABC drama for the time being. Here are four things we’ll miss about GH’s William Lipton and Cameron Webber.

1. Number One Son…And Brother

As Elizabeth’s number one son, Cameron has been “the man of the house” for much of his life. He’s helped his mom raise and protect his younger brothers, Jake and Aiden, and always looked out for them. Cameron’s special bond with his siblings is only surpassed by the incredible one he shares with Elizabeth. They are not only mother and son, but also incredible and respectful friends. The duo can talk to each other about anything, openly and honestly. Their heart-to-heart chats have been a bright spot on the show and will be sorely missed.

2. Romantic Reunion

The potential for a Joss and Cameron reunion will be off the table while Lipton is off the soap. That’s unfortunate since the couple has been through so much together in their young lives and courtship. Cam’s already warned Joss about the dangers of dating a guy like Dex (Evan Hofer) and following in her mom’s footsteps. And while Dex is actually working undercover for Michael (Chad Duell) to bring Sonny down, his allegiance to the mafia lord is growing by the day. It’s looking like it may get to the point where Dex changes sides and embraces being Sonny’s enforcer.


3. Cross-Coupling

The soap won’t be able to explore the potential of a Cameron and Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) relationship. Before Esme released Joss and Cam’s sex video and framed Trina for the crime, Cam seemed to have a bit of a soft spot for the twisted troubled brat. The door was open for Cam to play heavily in the current Esme drama, now that she’s borne a son, is suffering from amnesia, and has gotten a new lease on life. In the process, she’s gone from villainess to sympathetic single mother. Cameron could have been a perfect match for her as he’s been the one person she’s seen as genuinely nice to her.

4. Diner Dash

It won’t be the same without Cameron’s smiling face at Kelly’s Diner. Walking into the local eatery, it became a given that he’d be behind the counter pouring coffee or clearing off customers’ tables. Plus, it was the spot where he, Joss, Trina, and Spencer talked out their troubles and shared the latest gossip in their lives. Who’ll take over his post there? Well, Esme is in need of job, but it’s kind of hard picturing her donning an apron and taking orders from anyone. But, then again, stranger things have happened in Port Charles.


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