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5 Best Blue Bloods Seasons Of All Time, Ranked

Recently, the Blue Bloods audience has been unhappy with the show’s dropping quality. It’s high time we remember and cherish its best seasons, don’t you think?

Amid the increasingly popular talks about the series’ gradual decline and the budget struggles it had to go through for renewal, we thought it would be nice to bring in a bit of positivity — and go through the best Blue Bloods seasons ever together.

Season 4

At the beginning of Blue Bloods, when each new season was progressively becoming better than the previous one, season 4 was king.

It introduced Jamie Reagan’s future wife Eddie Janko who replaced Jamie’s fallen partner, saw Danny and Baez’s partnership grow stronger, and put Erin through the real test of allegiance to her family.

These were good days, and the season was fairly action-packed, too.

Season 9

Season 9 had “drama and passion” written all over it. While Danny was losing himself trying to find and take revenge on those who burned down his house and killed his wife, he also had to deal with being a single father.

Erin was once again having a tough time between her family and her new position in the district attorney’s office, but the season ended happily with Eddie and Jaime’s long-awaited wedding.

Season 8

Coming just a bit ahead of S9 in our list, season 8 built the foundation for what happened next. After a shocking opening scene that saw one of the Reagans dead, Danny wanted to retire but was brought back by a personal case.


While Frank Reagan found an unexpected ally, Jamie and Eddie’s blossoming romance was starting to get in the way of work. Still, in the end, they announced their engagement.

Season 5

Following the events of our fifth-placed contender, season 5 was filled with action. As Maria Baez was seriously injured by a cartel, Danny went to war with them to avenge his partner.

At the same time, he once again found himself on different sides of the case with Erin, and their relationship became difficult. Still, the season’s grand finale saw the entire Reagan family united to take care of the person who shot their own.

Season 10

While it was close between S5 and S10, the latter still won first place. In season 10, the Reagans have to deal with multiple cases of rogue cops which allows Eddie to prove herself as the newest addition to the family.

At the same time, she and Jaime are struggling with the uncertain prospects of building a family together after the wedding — and as if there wasn’t enough mention of family, Frank Reagan’s grandson no one knew about resurfaced in the season’s finale and shook things up.


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