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5 Biggest Issues Blue Bloods S14 Must Address

Are you happy that Blue Bloods got renewed for season 14? So are we. But we should all stop pretending and finally talk about those five elephants in the room.

Many fans have been pointing that out for quite some time now, and the majority of the audience agrees that the overall quality of the show has been going downhill for the past few seasons.

Even the S14 renewal, despite being successful, came at a steep price: a massive budget cut resulting in 25% pay cuts for the cast and the crew (and potentially losing Joe Hill). We love the show, but things are looking kind of grim for Blue Bloods.

Season 14 seems like it might be the last — and with that in mind, there are some issues the show needs to finally address to have everyone at peace and happy for the Reagan family if S14 will turn out to be the end of Blue Bloods.

Danny and Baez

It’s been far too long, and this has to end. Even if S14 isn’t the last, we must see Danny Reagan and Maria Baez getting together.

In the S13 finale, we already saw sort of a promise to that in the form of Danny telling Maria he was exactly where he wanted to be next to her. Also, Jackie’s out for good. So make Daez finally happen!

Jamie and Eddie


When we mentioned those “elephants in the room” we actually downplayed it a bit: this right here is an entire blue whale.


Eddie and Jamie are a married couple, and they’ve had next to zero time on the screen together for the past few seasons. We need to see them as an actual couple in S14… Or how can we believe in love?

Will and consciousness

We love our good old cop family, but scientists are yet to prove the existence of an inherent gene that automatically makes people pick up a legal career.

Hence, it would be definitely nice to see at least some of the Reagans’ youth go for something other than politics or police work — and the rest of the family supporting them.

Spotlight and recognition

Fans have been asking for this for the longest time, and if we don’t get it in S14 we might never get another chance. Learning more about the supportive characters would be awesome!

Take Abigail Baker, for instance: even though she’s had her own episodes, we still don’t know much about her life. It’s high time to change it!

Strong and united

You know what can become an amazing send-off? A huge, season-long joint case that requires all the Reagans to work together.

Give them some big bad to work against, and let’s see the entire family unite and become closer to achieve a common goal. They’re typically very separated; the potential finale can’t have that.


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