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A Mysterious Baby On ‘Blue Bloods’ Leaves Us Wondering About Her Daddy

Every episode brings us deeper into the lives of the Blue Bloods characters, and after a doozy in Season 13, Episode 20, titled “Irish Exits,” we expect that madness will close out the season. We also saw a character many of us forgot about—Baez’s baby! Yes, that’s right, Detective Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) has a baby.

But the questions of who the father is and when she had the baby remain among fans. After Episode 20’s traumatic events that show that Baez’s family is clearly in danger, we need to know everything we can about her baby … and her baby daddy.

Did Baez have a baby on ‘Blue Bloods’? The baby has definitely grown!

Episode 20 was Baez’s baby’s first appearance after a long hiatus, during which many of us forgot that Baez’s baby even existed! Baez first joined Blue Bloods in Season 3. And since then, she’s been generally career-focused. But in the Season 12 finale, “Silver Linings,” Baez decides to adopt a newborn baby girl. Arturo Muñoz killed the baby’s biological mother so the mother wouldn’t be able to testify against him, which is how the baby ended up in Baez’s hands.

We learn in the episode that the baby’s name is Elena, but we don’t see much more of her after Baez adopts her. There is also the question of if Elena’s father could ever come into the picture — if so, that could create some tension with Baez, who has already spent at least one year raising her now-daughter.


Who is the father of Baez’s baby? He’s not anyone we’ve seen on the show.

Because Baez adopted Elena, none of Baez’s love interests are Elena’s biological father. Even still, we can’t help but wonder who Elena’s biological father is. After the threat to Elena’s life from Baez’s nemesis, Sam Evans, it’s clear that Baez is worried about her family’s safety. All she wanted was to raise her new daughter in peace, and now Evans’ release from prison threatens that.

Luckily, Evans is back behind bars, but that doesn’t mean Elena is any easier to care for as a single mother. For now, the identity of Elena’s father remains unknown, but it’s possible that in future seasons, he could pop up and try to claim back custody of her. Until then, let’s just cross our fingers for Baez and Elena’s safety. And on the bright side, we can keep hoping for the Baez-Danny romance that Episode 20 teased.

New episodes of Blue Bloods air every Friday at 10 p.m. EST on CBS.


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