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All Good: Will GH’s Sonny Corinthos Forgive Nina For Exposing Carly?

It’s time for Sonny to make an important GH choice!

Sonny Corinthos didn’t even want to go to Willow and Michael’s General Hospital wedding, which is supposed to be all about love and family and looking fabulous 10 minutes before death. Alas, Nina has decided to mar Carly’s…er, Willow and Michael’s…big day, by putting in a call to Martin that (may have) led to the SEC arresting Carly for her and Drew’s insider trading.

General Hospital Polling

Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) will be sad, Michael (Chad Duell) will be sad, Wiley will have no clue what’s going on, and Carly (Laura Wright) will be livid. But the main player, as always, is destined to be Sonny (Maurice Benard). Will he forgive his new squeeze for what she did to his old one? Over 2,000 fans have their suspicions:

GH: Look What You Made Me Do

Sonny knows everything Carly has put Nina (Cynthia Watros) through. Once Nina explains how far Carly pushed her, Sonny is bound to understand, 10% predict. None of Carly’s huffing or puffing will take him away from Nina.

Sonny Corinthos: Long-Term Plans


Sonny will eventually forgive Nina, 25% of General Hospital fans agree. But it won’t be instantaneous. It will take a good, long, soapy time. Sonny knows how awful it is to be arrested, and he will be more sympathetic towards Carly for having to endure such humiliation, as a result. It’s one thing to be arrested for something you didn’t do. There, you can scream in self-righteousness. It’s being arrested for something you did do which proves just how sadistic law enforcement is.

GH: Drama Mama

Carly is the mother of (some of) Sonny’s children, 65% of the GH audience remind. He will always side with her, if only so the kids aren’t forced to visit Carly in prison. It’s OK for Sonny to be mean to Carly, but let someone else give it a try – even Nina – and his protective instincts come out! Nina has made a critical mistake!


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