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Big Brother 2023 Finale Schedule Is Full Of Unexpected Surprises

The final three episodes of Big Brother are going to bring about a lot of unexpected surprises as the road to the Big Brother finale is going to be an interesting one! But hey, this is Big Brother so we should know to expect the unexpected.

After another eventful season, Big Brother season 25 will come to an end on Thursday, Nov. 9 following what is going to be a crazy series of final episodes. The road to the finale begins tonight, Nov. 5, at 10.9c with a special Sunday night eviction episode, continues on Tuesday, Nov. 7 with the first part of the final Head of Household competition of the summer, and comes to an end with the finale on Thursday, Nov. 9. Here’s a recap of the finale schedule and what to expect:

  • Sunday, Nov. 5 at 10/9c
    • What to Expect: The final nominations are revealed as Bowie Jane nominates two houseguests for eviction which will lead into the final Power of Veto competition. Following the Veto competition, one houseguest’s game will come to an end with a special Sunday eviction that ends with the Final 3 being revealed.
  • Tuesday, Nov. 7 at 8/7c
    • What to Expect: Part 1 of the three-part Head of Household competition begins as the final three houseguests begin their battle for power. We’re also anticipating the episode will include a look back on the season with some highlights and un-aired clips.
  • Thursday, Nov. 9 at 8/7c
    • What to Expect: The final Head of Household of the summer is crowned and will be tasked with deciding who will sit next to them in the Final 2. Following the last eviction of the summer, the seven members of the jury will come together to vote for the winner of season 25 with a champion being crowned.
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The Big Brother finale will be two hours after all

When Julie Chen announced that the season 25 finale would be airing on Nov. 9, many were surprised when she didn’t bill the episode as a special two-hour episode. While it’s unclear why Julie didn’t directly promote the finale as being two hours, CBS has confirmed the last episode of the season will be two hours.

Thursday night’s episode will run from 8 – 10 p.m. ET, with the two-hour episode covering a lot of ground!

Over the course of the final episode of the season, we should see the final Head of Household competition of the summer play out with the last HoH of the season being crowned. After the HoH is named, they’ll cast the final eviction vote of the summer in deciding who will sit alongside them in the Final 2 and who will be the last houseguest to join the jury.

Once the Final 2 have been named, they’ll face the seven-member jury who will get the chance to ask the finalists a few questions before they cast their vote for the winner of Big Brother season 25. Oh, and don’t forget the finale will also see one player named America’s Favorite Houseguest as well!


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