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Big Brother 25: All Winners Season To Finally Air Due To The Hollywood Strikes

Big Brother viewers may finally get to see an all-winners season of the show, which has been highly requested, due to the Hollywood strikes.

Big Brother season 25 may still be ongoing, but CBS is already reportedly making plans for the next installment of the series, which may be an all-winners season. Big Brother is one of the longest-running reality TV competition series, first premiering in 2000 to mixed reviews. As the game has become more popular through the years, the dynamics have shifted and the gameplay has changed, but the premise of the series has remained the same. The final houseguest to remain at the end of the season is crowned the winner, given a cash prize, and proven they’ve been able to conquer the social game.

With Big Brother season 25 coming to an end this fall, the series is already looking ahead to next season, which may fulfill a highly-requested suggestion in the fandom. Over the years, there’s been a desire for an all-winners season of Big Brother, and with the just-concluded WGA strike and the currently ongoing SAG strike, it may become a reality, according to some Big Brother insiders.

According to Big Brother Gossip on Twitter, “Things are definitely in the works & it could certainly be an ‘All Winners’ version” of the popular competition series. Popular past winners of Big Brother include season 13’s Rachel Reilly, season 10’s Dan Gheesling, season 11’s Jordan Lloyd, season 2’s Dr. Will Kirby, and Big Brother 20’s Kaycee Clark. Though some past houseguests have said they wouldn’t play in a standard season again, the typical “winter” season of Big Brother is a shortened version of the game, making it more appealing to returning cast members.

What Happens If Big Brother Is Unable To Cast Enough Winners?


While there have been 24 winners of Big Brother, it’s possible that the series won’t be able to get enough winners to fill out the cast, which typically consists of 11 or 12 houseguests for a winter season. If there aren’t enough available winners, Big Brother Gossip shared that “they are reaching out to potential HGs that were already in the pipeline for Summer ’24.” There are possibilities other than stacking a group of veterans and a group of winners, including an all-veteran season of the series. It would be so much fun to see Big Brother greats who haven’t won, like Big Brother 6’s Janelle Pierzina, play the game again.

A Big Brother season that included all veteran houseguests would be a fascinating turn for the series, which has invited veterans to play the game again in the past. A shortened season that features winners and gives past Big Brother houseguests a second chance to play the game in a new format could make for a really enjoyable season. This would at least mean that none of the houseguests would be at a disadvantage, as they’ve all played the game in the past. Regardless of the outcome, a Big Brother winter season featuring winners of past seasons in general would be well worth the watch.

While there has yet to be any confirmation about an upcoming winter season of Big Brother, with the ongoing Hollywood strike making scripted content impossible to film, reality TV will continue to be a huge part of the television landscape for the next several months. Shows like Big Brother, which provide a lot of content in a short amount of time, will be incredibly helpful to ensure that networks are able to continue airing new content for viewers. With an all-winners season of Big Brother potentially on the horizon, viewers will just have to wait for a formal announcement of the news.

Big Brother season 25 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EDT, Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EDT, and Thursdays at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS.


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