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Big Brother 25: Jag Bains’ Winning Tactics Explained (How He Beat Matt Klotz)

Big Brother 25’s winner Jag Bains was one of the strongest competitors of the season, but his win didn’t come easy. How did he win over the jury?

Big Brother 25’s 100-day season came to an end during its 2-hour live finale, which finally saw Jag Bains chosen by the jury of 7 as the winner of the season. Matt Klotz, Jag’s fellow Minutemen alliance member, took home the second-place prize of $75,000. While Jag and Matt spent the majority of the game making their moves together, Jag’s strategic gameplay style pushed him over the edge with the jury, while Matt was unable to take ownership of the moves he made in the game. Earlier in the game, the jury was far more split on who was playing the better game of the pair, Matt or Jag.

For weeks, Matt dominated socially in the Big Brother house, flying under the radar. A competitive threat and pro swimmer, Matt hopes to qualify for the 2024 Summer Olympics and knew that he had to scale back his physical target. Rather than throwing competitions in the same way Matt claims, Jag went on to break the record for the most competitions won by a houseguest during a season. Taking on the burden of power in the second-half of the game, Jag became the bigger threat, but was unable to be taken out despite Matt having the chance to do so.

Jag Took Ownership For Betraying The Big Brother 25 Jury


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Throughout the live finale, many were wondering how Jag was going to justify bringing someone like Matt, who is well-liked and played a far cleaner game, to the final 2. After cutting Bowie Jane during the finale, Matt and Jag were asked questions by the jury, hoping to clarify some of their game moves. In the Q&A segment, Jag was able to take ownership of the moves he made in the house, no matter how ugly. In explaining that he betrayed each member of the jury as a game move and explaining just how cut-throat he was in the house, Jag won the jury over by being transparent.


Matt Didn’t Prepare For The Jury Q&A Or Final Speeches

While Matt’s answers in the Q&A were nowhere near as sound as Jag’s, he tried to make points that would ensure it was clear he’d played a solid game. Unfortunately, many of Matt’s answers seemed to pawn credit off to Jag. Matt didn’t seem to realize that taking ownership of any move he’d made in the game alone would help. Further, it appeared he hadn’t considered trying to own any of the moves he and Jag made together as solely his responsibility, the way Jag did.

After the Q&A, the final 2 were able to plead their cases to the jury of 7. Matt gave a speech that was confusing, unclear, and generally didn’t seem rehearsed at all. It came off like he hadn’t thought about what he wanted to say, how he was going to present his game strategy, or why he was worthy of the $750,000 grand prize. While it’s unclear if Matt did prepare, the Big Brother live feeds showed him constantly talking about evicted houseguests Cory Wurtenberger and America Lopez throughout his last week in the game, rather than preparing for the finale.

Jag Took The Prize Over Matt Because He Was Able To Explain His Game

After the Q&A and speeches were finished, the jury was able to vote for their choice to win. When the vote was revealed, Jag had won the jury votes of Cory, America, Bowie, Blue Kim, and Cameron Hardin. While Matt had received votes from Cirie Fields and Felicia Cannon, the split of 5 to 2 put the vote in Jag’s favor, and he walked away victorious. Unfortunately for Matt, Jag was able to take the prize at the end of Big Brother 25 after owning up to what he’d done in the house, no matter how embellished his speech may have been.


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