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Big Brother 25 Spoilers: A Double Veto? What It Could Mean

It was disclosed by Julie Chen Moonves that the Big Brother house would be affected by the Power of Multiplicity.

It was one of two new powers that BB Comics Week would unveil.

The Head of Household became secretive due to the first power. Drama broke out instantly on the live streams as a result.

The Power of Invisibility was obtained by Jag Bains. He won a comics challenge and was then named the Secret HOH.

The two residents of the block were not pleased when Jag leaked the names of his nominees for eviction.

There is a chance for the nominees to save themselves. It might also be two chances.

Big Brother 25 cast talks about ‘Double Veto’ on the feeds

The houseguests got up early on Saturday (October 14), with several chatting about how the day would progress.

Saturdays are set aside for Veto Competitions on Big Brother, and a big one is in store for the BB25 cast.

Jag asked what a “Double Veto” was in the bathroom. Cory Wurtenberger then tried to explain how he thought it would work.

In the past, a Double Veto meant two houseguests could win the Power of Veto on the same day. This could create chaos for the houseguests and entertainment for the fans at home.

The first POV winner would decide if they wanted to save one person from the block. After that, the second POV winner would get the same choice.

A scenario existed where the first POV winner could save someone, the HOH would name a replacement nominee, and then the second POV winner could save either person residing on the block.


Could the BB25 Double Veto come with a twist?

This is Big Brother, where fans are taught to expect the unexpected.

Maybe the producers will put a twist on the Double Veto. It’s possible that the POV winner could choose to save both people from the block if they used it. That would hurt Jag, as he showed his cards with the original nominees.

The most likely scenario is that the BB25 cast plays in two Veto Competitions. Each challenge would yield a Power of Veto winner. Giving the original nominees two chances to get off the block is huge.

Stay tuned. The weekend is going to be very chaotic.

Some amazing news has come out about a former houseguest.

Michael Bruner from Big Brother 24 got married. He had been engaged since 2021. Many other former houseguests were in attendance for the event.


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