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Big Brother 25 Spoilers: Bowie Jane Reveals Her Eviction Nominees

On the Big Brother live feeds, the nominees for the Week 10 eviction were made public.

Bowie Jane acquired authority for the first time this season when she was named the new Head of Household.

With that authority came the duty to propose two tenants for eviction.

I met with a lot of folks on Friday, October 6, to discuss the upcoming nominations.

Would Bowie Jane pursue a significant target? She might attempt to exact retribution for the way she was treated earlier in the season.

The answers were revealed to viewers of the Big Brother live feeds on Friday night.

Who did Bowie Jane nominate for eviction?

The feeds were on adoptable puppies before the revelation was made.

Felicia Cannon and Cirie Fields are nominated for eviction.

Bowie Jane nominated the ladies she had tried to work with this season.

There has been lingering resentment due to how Cirie and Felicia treated her when their alliance (The Professors) broke down.

And now Felicia and Cirie are at risk of becoming the first BB25 jury member.

It’s timely to note that Cirie Fields set a new record on Big Brother. But her streak comes to an end this weekend.


What’s up next for the Big Brother 25 cast?

The houseguests will play in a Veto Competition on Saturday (October 7).

Bowie Jane may have some options to backdoor another houseguest if she wants to go that route.

Several people have been pushing for Cory Wurtenbeger to go on the block, and several others are urging Bowie Jane to target Cameron Hardin.

It’s unlikely that Bowie Jane will target Cameron due to their alliance. He also helped her with tips on how to deal with the one-on-one HOH meetings.

The Power of Veto winner will host a Veto Meeting on Monday (October 9). That’s where the final nominees for the week will be set.

Someone is close to becoming the first BB25 jury member.


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