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Big Brother 25 Spoilers: Eviction Nominees Set After Veto Meeting

Just now was the Big Brother 25 Veto Meeting.

This indicates that the Week 9 nominations are finalized.

The competition for Head of Household was won by Cameron Hardin, who was given the authority to set goals.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Cameron nominated Mecole Hayes and Felicia Cannon.

Due to this, Felicia approached Cameron about a BB25 agreement, but he refused her.

Felicia failed to save herself during the Veto Competition as well.

The Power of Veto winner gets to set the terms

Blue Kim, America Lopez, and Matt Klotz also got to play in the Veto Competition this past weekend.

The six houseguests played in an extensive challenge to decide the POV winner.

Cameron also chatted with his alliance members about possibly planning a backdoor plan.

Cameron, Jag Bains, and Matt Klotz had numerous chats about what to do this week.

But Matt can’t keep secrets and chatted about everything he learned with Cirie Fields. Again.

Cameron won the Power of Veto on Saturday. Would he choose to shake things up?

Did Cameron use the Power of Veto this week?

The Veto Meeting took place on Monday, where many Big Brother fans felt Cameron could go after a big target.

The feeds were down much longer than usual for the meeting. It led to some anxious people in the chats.

When the feeds did return, many people were handing out in the HOH Room, and a chat broke out about fantasy football.


Felicia left the group, and that’s when people began discussing what had happened at the Veto Meeting.

Cameron did not use the Power of Veto. There is no backdoor option for the Week 9 Eviction Ceremony.

On October 5, Felicia Cannon or Mecole Hayes will be sent home.

This is the final person going home before the jury phase begins.

As a reminder, host Julie Chen Moonves announced that there are only seven members of the BB25 jury.

For upcoming Big Brother episodes, CBS changed the days and times, eliminating Wednesday night programming.

The BB25 episode schedule for October has been modified.

Jared Fields has also been conducting exit interviews since leaving the house. He has discussed his showmance with Blue Kim, his decision to leave his mother (Cirie), and the errors he made in the Big Brother competition.

Through the live streams, Blue Kim could be seen communicating with Jared.

Big Brother 25’s past episodes may be watched online at Paramount+.


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