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Big Brother 25 Spoilers: Eviction Vote Ready For Matt’s HOH Week

Big Brother 25 spoilers from the live feeds reveal who is about to become the new jury member.

Someone will soon join Cory Wurtenberger, Cameron Hardin, Blue Kim, and America Lopez in the jury house.

That will take the BB25 cast down to just four people as the season finale draws closer.

Matt Klotz held the power during Week 13 after winning a Head of Household Competition.

Matt stayed loyal to his alliance with Jag Bains and Bowie Jane but also turned on his final four agreements with Felicia Cannon and Cirie Fields.

Cirie took it hardest, as Matt had promised to keep her safe. But he also remembered how Cirie was part of the reason Reilly Smedley got evicted.

Eviction target set for Big Brother 25 live episode

Jag Bains won another Power of Veto, allowing him to keep Matt’s nominations.

Any thoughts Matt may have had about blindsiding Jag or Bowie Jane went away.

Jag and Bowie Jane are the only voters at the November 2 Eviction Ceremony.

Jag has been very clear about who he wants out, and that hasn’t changed.

Bowie Jane seemed keen on sending out Matt’s choice, but she would rather keep Felicia in the house than Cirie.

The plan is for Jag and Bowie Jane to vote out Cirie Fields, making her the fifth BB25 jury member.

But to compound the issue, everyone is telling Cirie she is safe. This is not good jury management.

America Lopez already predicted a bitter BB25 jury, and she may be correct.


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The Big Brother 25 final four will be Jag Bains, Matt Klotz, Bowie Jane, and Felicia Cannon.

Matt has to sit out the next HOH Competition, so his game is in the hands of the others.

The next HOH winner is the first person guaranteed a spot in the final three.

Week 14 will be an intense one, especially since only one houseguest votes at that Eviction Ceremony.

The producers scheduled a bonus eviction night for the BB25 cast, so fans must tune in on a new night to learn those results.

The season finale arrives on Thursday, November 9. That’s Day 100 for the Big Brother 25 cast.

Fans will soon get to vote on America’s Favorite Houseguest. The AFH winner takes home a $50,000 prize.


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