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Big Brother 25 Spoilers: Veto Results From Jag’s Second HOH Week

Spoilers for Big Brother 25 show what transpired during the Week 12 Veto Meeting.

The hamsters have had a busy week and have prepared for this week’s first Eviction Ceremony.

Remind yourself that Julie Chen Moonves declared it to be Double Eviction Week once more.

Two players will be eliminated from the game this time. In contrast to the previous election, when those who were voted out went home, becoming zombies.

It’s going to be Jag Bains’s second week without a break as Head of Household.

Jag was let to participate in the Week 12 challenge and emerge victorious, even though he was the Secret HOH in Week 11.

Big Brother 25 spoilers from Week 12

Jag nominated Blue Kim and America Lopez for eviction.

The targets were similar to the previous week, with Blue remaining on Jag’s radar.

He also told the ladies they were each pawns, but he would settle with either one getting eliminated.

Blue was the primary target, and that’s what Jag told Matt Klotz during their chats.

Felicia Cannon got worried that she was the real target, leading to her spilling much information.

Felicia even turned on Cirie Fields, letting people around the house know every secret she had. The only secret Felicis didn’t reveal was the one she didn’t know about Jared Fields.

Matt also started making moves independently, including feeding Cirie information as he had done before.

What happened at the Week 12 Veto Meeting on BB25?

Jag Bains won the Power of Veto. Again. This kept the power in his hands at the Veto Meeting. Again.

His string of winning challenges is reminiscent of what Michael Bruner was doing during Big Brother 24. And in an interesting coincidence, Michael was eliminated during the Double Eviction for the final six.

On that topic, Michael recently got married on Friday the 13th.

But back to the Veto Meeting that took place on Monday.

Jag got to host the Veto Meeting after winning the POV. He decided to keep his nominations the same.

America Lopez or Blue Kim will become the third BB25 jury member. They will join Cameron Hardin and Cory Wurtenberger in the jury house.

The lady evicted on Thursday night won’t leave the house alone. It’s a Double Eviction. Someone will follow the first evictee out the door for their interview with Julie.


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