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Big Brother 25 Spoilers: Zombies Unleashed After Double Eviction

According to Big Brother 25 leaks, zombies have made their way inside the house.

At the conclusion of the Double Eviction show, host Julie Chen Moonves teased a twist.

And it’s already starting to twist.

In the show that aired on September 21, Cameron Hardin and Jared Fields were eliminated.

But they chose not to return home. It would be far too simple.

Instead, Cameron and Jared took part in a twist that wreaked havoc on the other BB25 cast members.

Zombies in the Big Brother house

Cameron and Jared are now Big Brother Zombies.

They live in the house with everyone else but aren’t part of the game. Yet.

One will get a second chance at Big Brother 25, so some action will come later.

Below is a video clip of Zombie Cameron arriving on the live feeds.

And Zombie Jared is having far less fun. He feels wronged by the people who voted him out, leading to much moping and lashing out at Blue Kim and Matt Klotz.

There have also been murmurs that Felicia Cannon blew up on Jared after he got mad that she voted him out. More to come on that this weekend.

What happens next for the Big Brother Zombies?

Jared and Cameron are the zombies in the house.

They will live in the Scary Room and try to reacquire alliances.

The other houseguests are shocked about what transpired but take solace that one of them will be sent packing again.


One of these evicted houseguests will get a chance to rejoin the BB25 cast later this week.

How will they be resurrected? That isn’t entirely clear. It may be through a vote or a challenge.

Meanwhile, Jared and Cameron have to spend days together in the Scary Room.

There is no new Head of Household, no nominations, and people will not play for the Power of Veto this week.

At least this answers questions about the hole in the schedule for new episodes.

Fans of Big Brother should be aware that the season’s Wednesday-night shows are over.

Here is the most recent CBS TV schedule for BB25.

The cast will have a strange week because they will be mixing with two contestants seeking a second chance.

Will Cirie Fields’ conflict with Felicia continue?

It’s likely that Cameron and Jared will still be eliminated despite the modifications to the BB25 jury process that the host Julie Chen Moonves disclosed.


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