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Big Brother 25’s Cameron Hardin Reveals Who He Thinks Is Playing The Best And Worst Game

After placing ninth, Cameron Hardin is conducting his Big Brother farewell interviews today.

Cameron was relegated to the BB25 jury house after a 6-0 eviction vote.

The fact that Cameron was defeated by Bowie Jane surprised a few spectators.

Bowie Jane and Cameron had collaborated for the majority of the season, but she lately took a new path.

In order to get Cameron out of the Veto Competition (OTEV), a strategy was implemented.

On Big Brother 25 finale night, fans will get to see Cameron once more as he assists in selecting the winner.

Cameron Hardin talks about his Big Brother regrets

“I 100 percent regret having not pulled the trigger on Cory. Looking back I should have known how against the decision Jag was,” Cameron responded when asked if he regretted not going after Cory in Week 9.

Cameron had nominated Felicia Cannon and Mecole Hayes with a plan to backdoor someone. But he got talked out of it by Jag and didn’t go after Cory.

Jag Bains and Cory Wurtenberger were named as the houseguests playing the best game. Cameron offered much praise as he discussed a coming showdown between Cory and Jag.

When naming the person playing the worst game, Cameron joked about it being himself due to where he was sitting. He later said Felicia was “kinda floating in the wind” when he answered further.


Cameron’s full interview with Sharon Tharp is shared below. He also touches on his experiences with Izzy Gleicher.

More from Big Brother

After Cameron got evicted, the houseguests played in a secret Head of Household Competition.

As Julie Chen Moonves indicated, the Power of Invisibility has been released on the house.

A new Secret HOH was revealed on the live feeds, and they have the power to stay in the shadows all week.

The Invisible HOH also revealed their Big Brother target for eviction, so the stage has been set for chaos and paranoia.

More information on an all-winners season of Big Brother came out. CBS may turn to Big Brother for additional content in the winter as the SAG-AFTRA Strike continues.

Previous episodes of Big Brother 25 are available for streaming on Paramount+.

And live feed coverage is available through Paramount+ and Pluto TV. Fans can use the Pluto TV option for free.


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