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Big Brother Houseguest Says They ‘Want To Go Home’

An amusing chat one house resident had this morning with themself was captured on the Big Brother live cams.

Cirie Fields commented about how she wished to go home while relaxing in the backyard.

Recently, she referred to everyone in the home as a stranger, snake, or vulture, expressing her opinion on the players still alive.

Izzy Gleicher had been Cirie’s closest friend in the house, however Izzy was kicked out before the jury phase.

Cirie lost the two individuals she wanted to converse with inside the house when Jared Fields was sent home after him.

The news that Jared and Izzy have recently rejoined in the real world might make Cirie happy.

Cirie Fields opens up on the Big Brother live feeds

“I can’t wait to wake up in the morning by myself. And not talking to nobody,” Cirie stated on Sunday morning.

She said that out loud as she entered the backyard after having several quick conversations inside the house.

“I don’t wanna talk first thing in the morning,” Cirie loudly stated after cussing a bit.

“You go in the bedroom. ‘What time is it?’ Leave me alone! I’m g onna move up to the Have Not Room,” Cirie added while cursing again.


Felicia Cannon came out to do some laundry while Cirie tried to enjoy her backyard solitude.

Some Big Brother fans might get a laugh from Felicia talking about how her “filthy” bathrobe needs to be washed.

When Felicia left, Cirie began talking to herself.

“God. I wanna go home,” Cirie stated in an exasperated tone.

“I want to go home,” Cirie uttered again, pausing for effect on each word.


This happened shortly before 9:54 a.m. house time.

She sighed a few more times after that and let out a big one when Matt Klotz came out of the door.

More people soon joined them, including America Lopez and Cameron Hardin.

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Cirie wanting to go home isn’t a new thing. She tried to have Jared send her home when he was HOH. But he wouldn’t do it.

Cirie had been reeling from Izzy’s eviction and was tired of dealing with people.

Would she quit the game? It seems unlikely this deep into the season. But even if she gets evicted, Cirie can’t go home until after the Big Brother 25 finale (unless she quits).

Here is the TV schedule for the BB25 episodes in October.

Previous episodes of Big Brother are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Live feed coverage is available through Paramount+ and Pluto TV.

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