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Big Brother Reindeer Games: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, & Everything We Know

Big Brother Reindeer Games is an all-new series in the Big Brother franchise that will bring back competitors from past seasons to compete for cash.

Big Brother Reindeer Games is coming soon, and the first-ever Big Brother spin-off will be an exciting holiday event like no other, with competitions and past houseguests coming together for a chance to win a whole new game. With Big Brother 25 ending off the longest season of the series ever, host Julie Chen Moonves shared that it wasn’t the end of BB for the season. Despite typically airing a Celebrity Big Brother season during the winter months, BB decided to expand its franchise with a whole new series of holiday-themed competitions, some of which are variations of BB favorites and others entirely new to the game.

Big Brother Reindeer Games will bring houseguests from past seasons into the game as players and hosts, making it a totally independent series from the original. The new spin-off will likely replace the winter season of Big Brother or Celebrity Big Brother, but with the 100-day event that was Big Brother 25 having just ended, it makes sense that the show’s production team may need a more extensive break to reset. With some of the most buzzed-about houseguests participating in Big Brother Reindeer Games, the series is already a highly awaited part of the CBS holiday lineup.

Big Brother Reindeer Games News

Big Brother Reindeer Games was introduced during the finale of Big Brother 25 with an introductory video starring BB 3 legend Danielle Reyes, BB 12’s hilarious Britney Haynes, and BB 16’s competition beast Frankie Grande. The series will be primarily different from the original Big Brother, featuring only the competition side of the show. Without live feeds, a Big Brother house for the cast to live in, or social gameplay, things will look very different for the new series. BB Host Julie, who won’t be a part of BB Reindeer Games, did share that there will be an exciting surprise BB 25 cast member on the show while introducing it.


Big Brother Reindeer Games Release Date

Big Brother Reindeer Games is a holiday event, meaning that the six episodes of the show will span over a few weeks during the holiday season. The show will premiere on December 11 at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS, and episodes will continue on a Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday schedule. The final episode of BB Reindeer Games will air on December 21 at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS, finishing off the holiday-themed event for the season. There are only a few episodes, but Big Brother Reindeer Games will be a complete season.

Big Brother Reindeer Games Trailer


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While CBS’s trailer for BB Reindeer Games doesn’t give much away, it does share the series’ premise. Big Brother legends, old and new, will be coming home to the BB house for the holidays. Competing for a $100,000 cash prize, the competitors will be part of challenges that could seem like classic Big Brother or could be new competitions to try out. As BB cast members return to try their hand at the Reindeer Games, it’ll be interesting to see who does well and who, if anyone, flops.

Big Brother Reindeer Games Potential Cast

Big Brother Reindeer Games has yet to announce the houseguests competing on the series, but there has been some casting news about the show before its December premiere. During the Big Brother 25 finale, Julie announced that one of the BB 25 houseguests would compete on Reindeer Games, though it didn’t seem like the cast knew who it would be. It was also announced that former favorite houseguests Derek Xiao, Jordan Lloyd, and Tiffany Mitchell would return as “elves” to host the Big Brother Reindeer Games competitions, though they won’t compete.


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