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Big Brother Winner Shades Host Julie Chen Moonves

A Big Brother winner seems to be no fan of host Julie Chen Moonves.

As Big Brother 25 was ending, Andy Herren had some choice words for the long-time face of the show. Big Brother 15 introduced Andy to the world. He won the BB15 season and pocketed a cool $500,000 for his efforts.

Andy frequently weighs in on current Big Brother seasons, often sharing controversial opinions.

In Big Brother 25, Andy was leading the Bowie Jane bandwagon as he cheered for her to win the $750,000. He assured his followers that she was secretly brilliant at the game. However, as the game went on, he later, Andy decided to create a hate page for Bowie Jane after he disagreed with her HOH game plan.

Taking to his Twitter account, Andy claimed that Julie doesn’t understand Big Brother. He didn’t clarify what he meant or what he was responding to. “Honestly, it’s iconic of Julie to host a show that she doesn’t actually understand. For 25 seasons!!!! Good for her. #BB25,” Andy Herren wrote.

Also, when Jag cut off Bowie on Finale night, Andy instead of rooting for her, he instead went against her and returned for more Bowie Jane barbs.


“I know I said I’d stop hating her as of last night, but I woke up today and thought about this clip and I am just not ready to give up on the hatred yet,” he wrote as the caption to a clip from finale night.

“This is MY journey and I’ll stop when I’m ready. #BB25,” Andy finished his post.

This was when Bowie Jane became a BB25 jury member and was still excited about Jag and Matt Klotz making the final two.


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