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Big Brother’s Janelle Pierzina Reveals If She’ll Seek Revenge Against Dan Gheesling On The Traitors Season 2

Janelle Pierzina shared her thoughts on fellow Big Brother alumni Dan Gheesling competing alongside her in The Traitors US season 2 before the show.

The Traitors US will be returning with two Big Brother legends, Janelle Pierzina and Dan Gheesling, as part of the cast, and considering Dan’s backstabbed Janelle, many are curious if he should be prepared for a retaliatory strike. The Traitors US season 2 has upped the ante in terms of its cast for its second season. Along with Dan and Janelle, Survivor legends Parvati Shallow and Sandra Diaz-Twine will be joining the spooky strategy game, as well as The Challenge stars Chris “CT” Tamburello and Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio. The season, which will premiere in January 2024, will put together some of the most fascinating reality TV personalities of all-time.

In a newly released interview from Parade that spoke to the cast members prior to their time in the Scottish castle where The Traitors US is filmed, Janelle spoke about whether she’d try to avenge her Big Brother 14 eviction, which was spurred on by Dan. “Dan and I were like not ever together…I won’t be like I’m dying to work with Dan or upset that something happened in the game where he took me out,” Janelle explained. “I’m not gonna bring that into this game,” she shared. Janelle and Dan answered their questions in front of fellow Traitors cast.

Janelle Claims Big Brother Doesn’t Give Her A “Leg Up” On The Traitors

While Janelle may or may not have aligned with Dan during her time on The Traitors US, she shared that Big Brother didn’t feel like it mattered in the grand scheme of the new competition series. Big Brother and Survivor are most like The Traitors in terms of strategy and competition, but Janelle was quick to explain there are bigger threats than her fellow CBS alums. “There’s people here that are here just to play the game. They don’t care about the money. Those are gamers,” she explained. “Just because we come from Big Brother or Survivor doesn’t mean that we have a leg up.”



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Janelle and Dan’s pre-interviews were a fascinating look at their gameplay style, as they were asked questions that could’ve pushed them to reveal their strategy going into the game with other cast members. Instead, both tried to make themselves look far weaker than they were. While Dan played up being out of the reality TV game for a decade making him uninformed, Janelle went a different route. She shared that while she has a history on reality TV, those who are playing the game from shows where there is no competition could be bigger threats. She shared that Bravo stars, for example, could be hugely threatening on The Traitors US.

While Dan and Janelle may not have the easiest time on The Traitors US, their prowess in strategic competition may give both of them a leg up on the competition. For Janelle, who played Big Brother most recently on BB 22 and was evicted third, knowing she’s a competitive threat is a useful strategy tool. She’s able to downplay her success and make herself look like less of a threat, especially for those on The Traitors US who may not be as aware of her status as a Big Brother legend.


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