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Big Romantic Shakeup On General Hospital, Once Again

Many General Hospital fans were thrilled about the potential benefits that a fresh romance between Nina and Sonny may bring to the drama back when she initially came into his orbit in Nixon Falls. The highly devoted fans of Sonny and Carly, however, emphasized that no matter what the producers tried, Sonny and Carly would ultimately be the winner. Since that time, a lot of time has passed, and Sonny and Carly are now leading happy separate lives with new partners. But the crows are now buzzing that the ABC soap may undergo a significant romance recasting! Does that imply that the prediction of the Carson following is going to be realized?

Trouble Brews Between Sonny-Nina, and Carly-Drew

When the truth about Carly intentionally hiding Willow and Nina’s relationship came out, many fans thought Drew would dump her on General Hospital. Viewers kept waiting for that bomb to drop, but the couple survived that bolt! However, that certainly does not mean the duo will have a happily ever after. Especially so if Sonny was to step right back in Carly’s good books, life, and, might we say, bed? In fact, Nina in her blind rage, may have already planted the seed for that to happen!

Nina can’t stand Carly one bit and would do anything to get her right out of her tresses on General Hospital. Recently, Nina quite recklessly acted upon that urge as soon as an opportunity presented itself. The intel of Carly and Drews’s links to some insider trading made its way to Nina, and she immediately made her lawyer, Martin, spill it to the SEC. For a short while there, Nina was pompous over spilling Carly’s tea to the SEC while keeping her name out of it. However, her gal pal, Ava, gave her a reality check and made her realize what a massive blunder she had done. Could this end up driving a wedge between Nina and Sonny?


Nina’s Latest Stunt Drives Sonny Right Into Carly’s Arms On General Hospital

There aren’t many people on General Hospital who can talk sense to Nina Reeves. However, Ava Jerome often proves to be the voice of reason for Sonny’s girlfriend. As soon as Ava found out what Nina had done, she warned her that she better make sure her name stays under wraps. Because if Willow and Sonny find out Nina threw Carly under the bus, they would never forgive her. Sonny is currently on Nina’s side, but would he stay there if he found out that Nina lied to his face and put Carly at risk?

In Ava’s own words, Carly and Sonny are fiercely loyal to each other on General Hospital. Even if you take the romance out of their dynamic, they would still kill to protect each other from harm. Is Ava’s warning a clear sign of what’s to follow on General Hospital? Sonny is doing his best to deflect the SEC from Drew’s trail. Meanwhile, he will do whatever it takes to get Carly’s name cleared

due to the charges. And after the dust has settled, he’d want to know who informed the SEC. even if Martin is the name that pops up. How long do you suppose it would take Sonny to make those connections? And once he does, his friendship with Nina is beyond repair. Actually, she has dug her own grave here!
Do you believe that a Sonny-Nina breakup would reignite Sonny and Carly’s romance? Everyone is aware that Drew will lose to Sonny. In the comments, please. Watch General Hospital in the interim to find out what happens next with Sonny, Carly, Nina, and Drew!


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