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Blue Bloods Cast Salaries Ranked From Lowest To Highest

After so many years, Blue Bloods are still standing strong: the show’s got solid ratings, and the fans love the Reagan family. We all know that Blue Bloods are beneficial for its channel, but how much does it profit the cast?

Many Blue Bloods actors are primarily known for their roles in this show.

The budget for this show is pretty tight, too: to ensure Blue Bloods’ survival, the entire cast and crew agreed to a whopping 25% pay cut recently.

This might have you wondering how much the Blue Bloods’ actors really make. It can’t be too big, considering the cuts and the modest budget, but it also can’t be too small, since the show’s pretty popular.

To answer this question, we dug up the salaries of the three main characters’ actors. The salaries of the rest of the cast remain a mystery, but it’s clear they make less than this trio.

We’ll start from the bottom and make our way to the top of the list — we’re sure you already know who earns the most, but you don’t know just how much!

Bridget Moynahan — $75K

Bridget is playing Erin Reagan Boyle, one of the central characters for the show and the Reagan family.

Her salary used to be $100K per episode, but those days have passed now; after the recent cut, she’ll now be making $75K instead.


Despite Erin’s arguably boring and dragged-out storyline this season, Moynahan claims the bronze.

If Blue Bloods season 14 has twenty episodes, Bridget Moynahan will receive a $1.5M cheque.

Donnie Wahlberg — $112.5K

Donnie is famous for his role as Danny Reagan in Blue Bloods. Having been one of the absolute fan favorites throughout all the seasons, it’s no wonder he used to make $150K per episode back in the day.

As he accepted the pay cut alongside the rest of the cast, Donnie will now be making $112.5K, and he still takes the silver medal.

Based on the average length of Blue Bloods seasons, we can assume that Donnie Wahlberg will make around $2.25M in S14.

Tom Selleck — $150K

We all knew that Tom Selleck will be the one to claim the gold: his Commissioner Frank Reagan is the big boss of the show, and no one could possibly imagine Blue Bloods without him and his dramatic gaze now.

Having been brought down from $200K to $150K per episode, Selleck is still the richest actor in the show.

In season 14, we’re expecting Tom Selleck to walk away with at least $3M total.


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