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Blue Bloods Fan-Favorite Character Won’t Return In Season 14

Most Blue Bloods characters will return in the new season, but some actors are leaving the show after S13 — and we just saw them for the last time in the finale.

Over the years, Blue Bloods have gathered a big and very loyal fan base of people who are really invested in their favorite characters’ lives and eagerly waiting for new episodes.

This is a great accomplishment that many other shows can’t really boast of: the Blue Bloods family includes far more people than just the Reagans.

The fans of the series have been nervously awaiting the news about S14, and they were happy to learn that despite hardships, Blue Bloods was renewed for one more season.

This cost the cast and the filming crew 25% of their salaries, but since the makers of the show love it just as much as the viewers, they didn’t mind the cuts.

Now that the series is officially saved, it’s time to move to the specifics — and learn what can be expected from the new season.

While we obviously can’t tell if there will be an overarching plotline and what will it be, we’re sure that the character plots will continue as usual… At least, for those characters that will make it back.


The press release announcing the official renewal of Blue Bloods specified which cast members are returning for S14 — and we can easily deduct which won’t.

From what we’ve gathered, five actors are not coming back in the new season: Abigail Hawk, Dylan Walsh, Tony Terraciano, Steve Schirripa, and Gregory Jbara.

1. Abigail Hawk (Abigail Baker)
2. Dylan Walsh (Mayor Chase)
3. Tony Terraciano (Jack Reagan)
4. Steve Schirripa (Anthony Abetemarco)
5. Gregory Jbara (Deputy Commissioner Moore)

As you can see, despite the bulk of the cast reprising their roles in S14, we’ve taken some devastating blows. Since Hawk was not on the list of cast members for the next season, we’re fairly certain that we’ve lost Baker among the rest, and this is a massive bummer as she’s always been the most beloved secondary character.

And here we were hoping that she will finally get a decent storyline of her own in S14! RIP to the most expressive eyes of the show, folks. We will miss her.


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