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Blue Bloods Fans Outraged By Glaring ‘Inconsistency’ In Frank Reagan Storyline

After seemingly spotting a major inconsistency in Frank Reagan’s storyline, eagle-eyed viewers have expressed their disdain for the writing on Blue Bloods with rage.

Throughout 13 seasons, CBS viewers have remained enthralled by the complex dynamic of Blue Bloods’ Reagan family.

As Frank Reagan (played by Tom Selleck) and his three adult children all work in law enforcement, the show follows their thrilling investigations.

It also displays their unshakeable bond with their key family dinners and their ability to help one another with a case.

Despite this, fans have exposed major plot holes throughout the seasons which included the birth order of Frank’s children and factual policing errors.

This time, a viewer became enraged as they observed a huge blunder with Frank’s personality.

On a Reddit thread, u/OddlyLucidDuck claimed the police commissioner had “double standards” for letting a person go who was arrested for recording the mayor while he was in public and off duty.

However, the viewer noted: “Literally the episode right before this one, S13E07, involved Frank personally reassigning a cop to fleet services because he was so upset that the officer didn’t try to stop an armed robbery while he was off duty.”

“So off-duty cops are fine to do whatever they want as long as they’re getting on the mayor’s nerves instead of Frank’s nerves?”

In response, u/Phycologial-Rub-78 complained: “Yup, the writing is never consistent.”


U/save-therhino agreed: “The writing is constantly changing since day 1 of the show.”

While u/SigSauerPower320 argued: “There’s a difference between recording someone while off duty and watching someone commit a crime and doing nothing. Apples and oranges.”

Although the Mayor’s security detail arrested the man, Frank refused to take the charges further when he realised the man was an off-duty police officer.

While Garrett Moore (Gregory Jbara) warned there were public relations concerns, Frank stuck to his stance and argued cops are harassed this way so why should the mayor refuse to deal with it?

With season 14 already confirmed showrunners could make a change to Frank’s personality to fix the blunder.

This was the case earlier this season when fans highlighted a major error with Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) and Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) working together.

They were both married and working in the same precinct as police officers, which is against the rule of custom.

A job change was able to sort this out as Jamie accepted a promotion and became a field intelligence sergeant.

Blue Bloods season 13 continues Fridays on CBS in the USA and the following Monday on Sky Witness in the UK.


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