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Blue Bloods Really Missed The Mark in S13 Finale, According To Fans

The finales of long-running shows are always the most anticipated, for whatever reason. This was certainly the case with Blue Bloods. But the end of season 13 managed to disappoint fans in a rather harsh way.

Reddit is full of comments, each giving their own explanation on why the last episode of the season 13 was actually bad. For example, a lot of fans didn’t like the fact that Jackie had returned to the show.

“That episode felt so lazy for a finale. Danny didn’t even act surprised to see her or hear from her after 10 years. Were we supposed to assume they kept in contact for 10 years without her ever being mentioned?

Also, Jackie and Baez had basically no interaction. It was really awkward when both were on screen together,” Redditor IronSheikCamelClutch said.

However, Jackie’s return shouldn’t have come as a surprise to the fans, as the show’s creators already mentioned that some of the previous characters would be back for at least this episode.

So the other half of the fans were still waiting for them, and even for Jackie. But it seems that the general disappointment was not only about that. Even the cliffhanger at the end wasn’t exciting enough for the fans. And there’s more.

“The whole episode was disappointing. I mean, it was great to see Jackie, but beyond that….. Erin whining, Eddie whining, Erin finally announcing she’s not running – I’ve seen that coming for about 5 months. Used to LOVE Blue Bloods, but it seems like the writers have run out of ideas,” Redditor Rugby-8 shared.

The other disappointment was when the writers, while adding some of the characters, still did not fulfill all the wishes of the fans. For example, they were waiting for Joe Hill to finally appear on the finale, but he never did.

So now the fans are hoping to see him in season 14. Well, who knows? Maybe they will get lucky.


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