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Blue Bloods’ S13 Final Family Dinner Has Fans Worried Sick For This Character

Despite Frank Reagan’s delight at having “the whole peanut gallery” gathered at the S13 final dinner, there was one relative who didn’t make it, and fans are worried.

Season 13 finale treated both the viewers and the elder Reagans with the long-anticipated large family union.

At the final dinner of the season, the regular attendees were joined by Nicki Reagan-Boyle (who’s been away since S11) and Jack Reagan (last appearance in S12), to be exact.

While this is great and all, many fans didn’t quite grasp the reason behind Frank Reagan’s joy. The Commissioner wanted to have his entire family gathered together, and he even commented on achieving that — but in reality, he totally didn’t.

Somehow, Frank managed to claim that it felt good to have “the whole peanut gallery here today” while one of the most recent additions to the family was very noticeably absent.

Weirder yet, not a single other Reagan mentioned that Frank was wrong, and not a single one of them seemed to care about one young man’s absence.

Joe Hill wasn’t there, and it wasn’t addressed once!

This strange and somewhat creepy ignorance of the entire Reagan family got some of the fans seriously worried for Joe. What if everyone treats him like he never existed in the first place for the sole reason that he doesn’t exist anymore?


If you’re confused by that sentence, let’s rewind a while back when we shared the news of the Blue Bloods renewal. As you may remember, it came at a cost.

To save the show, the cast and crew agreed to a considerable budget cut. From what we learned, it mainly affected everyone’s salaries as both the actors and the crew lost 25% of their previous income.

But after this Joe Hill situation, people started thinking: what if the pay cuts were just the tip of the iceberg?

What if everyone’s pretending Joe doesn’t exist because, in terms of the show, he really doesn’t anymore? What if one of the budget cuts that took place got rid of him entirely, along with some other actors, and we just haven’t noticed until now?

This definitely would’ve been a weird decision, cutting out an entire character without even writing them off properly.

But otherwise, what could’ve been the reason to have the entire cast — and the entire on-screen family — act like everyone was there while it was crystal-clear to the audience that Joe Hill was missing?


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