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Blue Bloods Stars Vanessa Ray And Will Estes Believe Tom Selleck Is The Reason Fans Continue To Watch The Show

It’s safe to say that the presence of actor Tom Selleck was one of the early selling points for CBS’ “Blue Bloods,” much like how iconic actor Kevin Costner functioned as a marketing tool for the immensely popular Paramount Network series “Yellowstone.”

Frank Reagan, the gruff, no-nonsense patriarch of the Reagan family, is played by Selleck. The Reagan family is known for their multigenerational ties to New York City law enforcement.

Although much of the series focuses on Frank’s children’s fieldwork (almost all of whom work in some aspect of the cr1minal justice system), it’s safe to say that Frank’s leadership of the Reagan family is the glue that holds the series together. Perhaps no better example of this is Frank’s numerous family dinners throughout the series, where each member of the family gathers to air their grievances, recap their weeks, and work through their personal issues.

Indeed, there’s no denying that Frank Reagan (and, by extension, Tom Selleck) is a crucial part of “Blue Bloods,” to the point where he essentially serves as the series’ face. Co-stars Vanessa Ray and Will Estes, for example, are well aware of Selleck’s influence on the show.

Selleck is regarded as a leader by Vanessa Ray and Will Estes.


While discussing Season 9 of “Blue Bloods” with WFSB 3, actors Vanessa Ray and Will Estes (who play Eddie Janko-Reagan and Jamie Reagan, respectively) were asked what keeps the audience tuning in each week. “Tom Selleck,” Estes replied without missing a beat. Ray almost immediately laughed and agreed.

“I’d like to say more, but that’s probably the most important,” Estes said. Tom is our leader both on and off the show. He arrives at work with the best preparation and knowledge. He is capable of writing, directing, and producing the program, but he insists on only acting in it. He has a strong sense of character and plot.

Both Estes and Ray went on to say that just being around Tom, whose legendary acting career has given him far more experience than anyone else on the show, has taught them a lot.

Much more intriguing is the idea that Selleck is such a powerful force both behind-the-scenes and on-screen – and it’s clear that Tom Selleck’s monumental impact on “Blue Bloods” cannot be overstated.


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