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Bowie Jane And Jag Set Up Matt On Big Brother Live Feeds

There has already been a lot of drama throughout the last week of Big Brother on the live feeds.

After Cirie Fields was eliminated in the live eviction, the remaining four houseguests were left in a precarious situation.

Fans should expect some chaos on the broadcasts since Bowie Jane is the Head of Household once more.

She didn’t let us down, as immediately after the program concluded, she and Jag Bains had a talk.

Due to the HOH Competition concluding during the program, the live feeds returned on Thursday night significantly faster than usual.

It made it possible for viewers of the live broadcast to witness the last four houseguests’ responses in real time.

Bowie Jane and Jag make a nomination plan

Bowie Jane went right to Jag to help her with the nominations. She didn’t want to put Jag on the block, meaning she planned to nominate Felicia Cannon and Matt Klotz.

But Bowie Jane didn’t have a good reason to put Matt on the block, so she went to Jag for some ideas. His idea was that Matt hasn’t been on the block yet, so she could present this in a way that would be fair.

While this chat happened in the bathroom, Matt was in the kitchen with Felicia getting ready for dinner. It appears that Felicia has recovered from her blow-up this week that led to the kitchen being closed.


This video clip shows part of the conversation between Jag and Bowie Jane.

Matt gets set up by Jag and Bowie Jane

Not content with just putting Matt on the block because he hadn’t been nominated before, Jag and Bowie Jane constructed an additional plan.

Jag came up with the idea to have Bowie Jane select a number between one and 100. Jag and Matt would then guess her number, and the person closest would stay off the block.

It was an easy enough premise and almost as fair as the Rock-Paper-Scissors idea. But they decided to cheat. Bowie Jane told Jag the number, and when they called Matt in, he had Matt select his number first.

Of course, Matt lost, meaning he would go on the block. Jag appeared to feel guilty almost immediately, but Matt volunteered to be nominated. He still trusts them to have his best interest in mind, even though Matt is in danger.


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