Brian Dietzen’s NCIS Season 21 Palmer-Knight Romance Update Has Us Worried

Contains general spoilers for “NCIS” Season 21, Episode 5 — “The Plan”

Fans of “NCIS” have begun to clamor for more of the burgeoning romance between Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen) and Jessica Knight (Katrina Law), but those who love the couple may be in for a roller coaster ride. According to TV Line, at least one of them is slated to drop a major revelation about their connection during an upcoming episode  –  the trouble is, they appear to come to these conclusions as individuals.

The catalyst for these sea changes comes in the form of a visit from Jessica’s dad (Russell Wong). It turns out he’s a tough, no-nonsense customer — which means that he doesn’t have an easy time getting along with the more mild-mannered Jimmy.

The feeling ends up being mutual; unfortunately, Jimmy doesn’t get on with Jessica’s father, and that might be a cause for concern. “It does not go to plan, unfortunately. Not exactly the best introduction that Jimmy could have had to his girlfriend’s father!” Dietzen said, also promising the couple’s ride won’t be a smooth one going forward. “As I’ve said before, love is sometimes not a straight line. Sometimes it takes a few detours and bumps along the way.”

Even worse, spending time with her father causes Jessica to confront some things about Jimmy that she’s been ignoring. But the result is something that will make them anxious and warm their hearts, according to Law. Considering how far the couple has come since they first hooked up, it’s still good progress.


Jessica and Jimmy’s partnership has had its ups and downs

Ever since Jimmy’s wife, Breena, died of COVID-19 during “NCIS” Season 18, the character has been through a lot, though his love for Jessica grows slowly over the next two seasons. Casual dates laced throughout Season 19 lead to a steady connection that ultimately results in a sense of conviviality and romance. That love culminates in Jimmy shouting to Jessica that he loves her during the Season 20 finale, “Kompromat.”

Jimmy’s declaration is accidental, but it nonetheless greases the couple’s romantic wheels; by the end of the episode, Jessica admits she loves him too, kissing him in front of their colleagues. It’s a moment that left “NCIS” fans in need of a hug, and it’s also the kind of change that helped Jimmy’ grow.

Since then, the twosome has been publicly dating, with their relationship gradually getting more serious. These small steps have led to “The Plan,” and Jimmy meeting his potential father-in-law. Fans will have to wait until March 25, when “The Plan” airs, to find out how things pan out for the couple.


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