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Briana Nicole Henry’s Daughter Turns One — See How She’s Grown!

It’s been a whole year since GENERAL HOSPITAL alum Briana Nicole Henry (ex-Jordan) welcomed her daughter, Coda, on February 28, 2022. To celebrate the milestone, Henry and her husband, Oscar-winning musician Kris Bowers, celebrated their little girl’s first birthday by sharing a sweet gallery of photos documenting Coda’s first year.

“Love doesn’t even feel like the appropriate word to encapsulate what having you in my world this past year has felt like,” Henry wrote to her daughter. “It feels closest to peace maybe, wholeness, presence. It feels like the moment you realize you’re in love, but every minute of every day. It feels like looking at the ocean or the sky or the moon, almost impossible to capture its essence in words. It feels like realizing the end and beginning of something beautiful again and again.”

Click through the gallery below to see photos from Coda’s first days, as well as her first birthday celebration! And please join us in wishing her a belated happy birthday!

1. “February 28th, my favorite day.”

2. “To my best friend, Kris, I couldn’t have picked a more loving, intentional, kind, beautiful human being to fall in love and make a baby with,” Henry wrote, addressing her husband.


3. “It was always going to be you, wasn’t it? We fought to reach one another. We were destined to meet and fall in love and that’s exactly what we did.”

4. “My love for you runs so deep, my little. To my bones, in every corner of my being, you can and will find so much adoration for you. On our hardest days and our sweetest, I love you, Coda.”

5. “Happy First Birthday. To you, to us. The world is the most beautiful it’s ever been since you got here. Thanks for making me a mom. A profound love of life is what you’ve gifted me.”

6. “Thank you for the very significant and tender part you played in loving and caring for our girl in her first year of life,” Henry publicly told her partner in her post. “For the role you played in making me feel safe and supported in this new role as a mother.”

7. “I could have only made someone like her, with someone like you,” Henry said to Bowers.

8. Coda’s celebration included a “Happy Birthday” banner and a crown personalized with her name.


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