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Can The General Hospital Nurses Ball Happen Without Lucy Coe?

Who could possibly fill Lucy Coe’s General Hospital shoes…or lingerie?

Lucy Coe hosted General Hospital’s very first Nurse’s Ball as far back as 1994. And now she is incensed to learn that the show will go on without her. And only because she’s presumed dead. What kind of lazy reason is that? Lucy may be lying low, hiding out with Anna and Valentin, but her heart is still in Port Charles.

General Hospital Polling

And the news from Felicia (Kristina Wagner) that Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and Bobbie (Jacklyn Zeman) will be running the Nurse’s Ball without her for 2023 has sent the MC vet into a tizzy. Should she still be a part of it? Here’s what almost 2,000 fans told us.

GH: I See London, I see France

There is only one way in which 5% of the audience wants to see Lucy (Lynn Herring) at this year’s Nurse’s Ball. And this, in her underwear. Lucy losing her clothes is an annual tradition, and we don’t see why being dead should bring a halt to it in any way.


General Hospital: Step Aside, Lucy Coe

You’ve done enough, Lucy, 13% advise. It’s time for some fresh blood. Bobbie and Maxie can take the best of what you’ve done, and add their own spin. Besides, you’re in hiding for a reason, remember? You want to help Anna (Finola Hughes) and Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) bring down Victor (Charles Shaughnessy) once and for all. Surely, that’s more important than your ego. Right? Right???

GH Tradition!

There will never be a cure for HIV/AIDS unless Lucy is leading the fundraising effort, according to 82% of the voters. (Don’t laugh. We got an entire GH episode that posited that Robin would have died of AIDS if Sonny [Maurice Benard] hadn’t become a mobster. This is a universe so bizarre even Everything, Everywhere All Once couldn’t conceive of it.) If this horrible plague is ever to be eradicated, Lucy must be there!


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