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Cirie Fields Sets A New Big Brother Record

A Big Brother record was broken in the first season by a Survivor great.

Cirie Fields joined the cast of BB25 as a result of a major twist.

Producers arranged for Cirie and her son Jared Fields to participate in the game.

The team played well during the game but struggled once Izzy Gleicher, their best ally, was eliminated.

Jared quickly followed her home, stopping just before the jury selection process.

Cirie, though, broke a notorious Big Brother record while he was away.

Cirie Fields is allergic to Veto Competitions

As many Big Brother fans have noticed, Cirie has not competed for a Power of Veto.

This is an oddity and an anomaly for people surviving this long in the Big Brother house.

Cirie hasn’t been nominated by anyone yet, meaning she was never forced to play for the POV.

And nobody has chosen Cirie to play for the POV, either.

That’s nine weeks of gameplay to open Big Brother 25, where Cirie has not participated in a Veto Competition — a new record.

The previous record for not playing in the Veto Competition was eight straight weeks, held by Nicole Anthony during Big Brother 21.

Nicole played for the first POV on BB21 but then sat out until Week 10.

It’s worth noting that there have been nine veto draws for BB25. This means Cirie has broken the record for most Veto Competitions missed. And her consecutive streak of days is still going.


Julia Nolan from BB17 didn’t play in her first Veto Competition until Week 9, but she wasn’t part of the cast until Week 5. Before that, her sister (Liz Nolan) was in the game for challenges.

And Eric Stein from BB8 sat out the first seven POVs on his season. He then won the Week 8 Veto Competition.

When someone gets evicted on October 5, that will mark Day 58 of the Big Brother 25 season.

The Week 10 Veto Competition would be on Day 60 of the Big Brother 25 season. Is it possible for Cirie to sit out another one?

To give that number of days even more perspective, BB10 was only 71 days long, and BB7 was only 72.


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