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Donnie Wahlberg Dropped A Funny Blue Bloods Blooper After Actor Forgot The Show Was On CBS

Those who watch the drama-filled Blue Bloods know that the show can get pretty intense at times. So it’s refreshing whenever fans are able to see some of the more lighthearted moments that take place behind the scenes. Viral bloopers tend to pop up once in a while (by way of TV series and movies), and they can be quite delightful. That was the case with a BTS clip from a recent episode of the CBS procedural, which had Donnie Wahlberg reminding that week’s guest star, Sumaya Bouhbal, what network they’re on.

The March 3 episode of Blue Bloods, “Collision Course,” saw Sumaya Bouhbal appear as Trina. In a social post shared before the episode premiered, Donnie Wahlberg shared a fun behind-the-scenes clip on Instagram featuring himself and on-screen partner Marissa Ramirez walking up to Bouhbal, who (while in character) dropped an f-bomb. And that’s what led Wahlberg to hilariously break and respond:


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When you’re on an emotionally-charged show like this one, it’s easy to get caught up as an actor, I’d imagine. This is a genuinely funny moment, and you can’t help but chuckle over the everyone’s reactions to the f-bomb. Honestly, for any other entertainment platform, such a reaction would probably be more than fitting. But again, such language doesn’t make the cut on networks like CBS. Bouhbal is now taking her mess-up in stride, as she also posted the blooper and provided an A+ reason for it:

Bloopers from @bluebloods_cbs! Let’s just say I was too into it and forgot it’s a family-friendly show. The New York jumped out of me a lil too much😭

The message received a number of responses from fans, and her scene partner even chimed in. Donnie Wahlberg, being the sweet person that he is, praised his colleague’s talent and humility while commenting on the post. Check out what he had to say, exactly:

‘It was at that moment that he realized — he was working with a super star’. Facts. What a talent you are Sumaya, and your humility makes your star shine even brighter! 💯🎯🔥👏🏼👑🎭🎬 Continued success!!!

I can’t see anything wrong with keeping the atmosphere light on the set of a procedural, especially since those work days can be long. It’s refreshing to see that even though they’re almost 300 episodes in, the main cast and crew still have plenty of fun with one another as well as any guest stars that happen to be present. Of course, there’s currently a question as to whether those good times will continue.

As of right now, CBS hasn’t renewed Blue Bloods for a 14th season, though it’s still possible that the show could get some good news in the coming months. To me, it also wouldn’t be out of the question for the series to get the SEAL Team treatment and shift to Paramount+ for another season. That way, the producers can get into more NSFW storylines, there probably still wouldn’t be many f-bombs thrown around (if any at all.)

While fans shouldn’t expect any inappropriate language on Blue Bloods in the near future, they can look forward to a Magnum P.I. reunion for Tom Selleck when Larry Manetti guest stars in an upcoming episode. All the while, you might also want to keep your eye out for any bloopers, as they might contain even more swear words that contribute to humorous on-set situations.

Blue Bloods airs Fridays at 10 p.m. EST on CBS, with episodes streaming the next day for those with a Paramount+ subscription! Plus, check out CinemaBlend’s 2023 TV schedule to stay in the know on premiering or returning shows.


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