Gary Cole Teases ‘Big Trouble’ In NCIS Season 21 Finale

NCIS’ Gary Cole is sharing his thoughts on the show’s most recent episode and what the rest of the season might hold.

“Even if all your choices are bad, you have to pick the best bad choice because that’s the only choice you’re going to have to survive,” Cole told TV Insider, referring to his character, NCIS Special Agent in Charge Alden Parker’s, decision to pretend to be a heart surgeon and get kidnapped alongside real cardiac specialist, Navy Commander Clara Logan (Christina Kirk).

Cole also teased a potential relationship between his character and Logan, saying, “I don’t know that you were left with the feeling that Christina’s character may be returning. That’s the way it looks to me. And since we’re coming back, we’ll find that out.”

Looper reported that “there’s no indication that Christina Kirk will return for future NCIS episodes” but added there’s “always a chance” she might show up in the season’s remaining two episodes.

As for any hints about NCIS’ season finale, Cole was tight-lipped but let a few hints slip.

“What I can say [is] that people are in trouble. Big trouble,” he said. “And it’s going to take everybody—and I’ll lay a little hint—it’s going to take everybody on board. If you take the clue.”

Rocky Carroll, who plays NCIS director Leon Vance, also shared a few details about the finale, telling TV Insider, “I’m always amazed at how every time you think that we can’t top ourselves as far as the team getting in danger and getting in trouble, we seem to come up with something else.”


He continued, “There is a global threat and there is another character on the show that — things don’t go as planned and we’re not exactly sure how things are going to end for one of our characters. Once again, the team has to circle the wagons and rally.”

Movieguide® previously reported on NCIS’ Season 22 renewal:

Looking ahead to its fall lineup, CBS renewed NCIS and THE NEIGHBORHOOD for their 22nd and 7th seasons.

“THE NEIGHBORHOOD and NCIS are the very best definition of a CBS comedy and drama,” said Amy Reisenbach, president of CBS Entertainment. “They embody authentic storytelling with heart, humor, and family dynamics. We are proud to bring them back next season.”

NCIS, meanwhile, remains one of CBS’ top-performing shows, drawing an average viewership of 12.9 million during its current 21st season. The show has spawned multiple spinoffs, which also draw high viewership for CBS. NCIS: HAWAII and NCIS: SYDNEY are both currently running, with two more shows in the NCIS universe currently in the works.

A Gibbs prequel—NCIS: ORIGINS—is currently in the works, as is a show following the storyline of Anthony DiNozzo and Ziva David after their exit from NCIS.

With so many NCIS series running, the franchise recently hit a monster milestone: its 1,000th episode.


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