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General Hospital: Big Sacrifice, Someone DIES In Port Charles Along With Victor

The battle in Greenland is really heating up on General Hospital. Victor is closer than ever to releasing the deadly pathogen that could wipe out half the world’s population. But, Laura is also closer than ever to stopping Victor right in his tracks! The latest spoilers tease that as Valentin battles for his life, Laura will hold a vial of pathogen in her hand. It would take her all of half a second to drop the vial and kill herself along with Victor! There are many spoilers that are consistently dropping hits that Victor might not be the only one dying in the aftermath. Another character might meet a heroic end, while saving the world from Victor Cassadine! But who could it be? Keep reading TV Season & Spoilers to find out who all are in the running!

Will Laura Die Alongside Victor Cassadine?

Laura Collins was in the front and center of the Weather Machine storyline back in the day on General Hospital. So it was always a given, that in this revisionist of the machine, Laura will again play a key part. Could that key part be her last one on the soap? In the upcoming episode, Laura will scare Victor by threatening to smash the pathogen vial to the floor. Thus, killing them both. However, we feel this is a red herring at best! There is no way Laura would die so abruptly on General Hospital. She is an integral part of the show and an absolute fan favorite! But then, GH certainly has a way of pulling shockers! We guess we will just have to wait and find out!

Could It Be The End For Spencer And Trina On General Hospital?

Trina was never supposed to be a part of this pathogen chaos on General Hospital. She literally put herself in danger by sneaking onto The Haunted Star. Is it possible that her mistake will cost her her life on the legendary ABC soap? Curtis may have reached her and Spencer on the ship, but they are far from safe. In the upcoming episode, Curtis will entrust Spencer with the responsibility of getting Trina and Ace out of there safely. Maybe Spencer would die trying to protect his love and his baby brother? Or maybe the young lovers might breathe their last together in the aftermath! What do you think? Could GH pull the plug on their most popular young couple? Tell us in the comments!


Could Curtis Be The One To Bid Goodbye?

Curtis has been making many promises off-late on General Hospital. Could that be a hint of sorts? Perhaps he would be the one losing his life trying to live up to one of those promises! He promised Portia that he will bring Trina back safe. Then he promised Laura that he will rescue Spencer from The Haunted Star. Now, the latest spoilers tease that he will urge Spencer to escape with Trina and Ace, while he promises to go back to help Laura. That’s a whole circle! While it would be a really poignant end, it still would lose too many loose end. For instance, the whole storyline of Trina being his bio-daughter and Portia hiding it needs a conclusion! Do you think General Hospital would kill him off without an actual reunion with Trina?

Will Victor Really Let Valentin Die On General Hospital?

Victor made Liesl inject the pathogen in Valentin’s body on General Hospital. In the recent episodes, he has already started to suffer from the horrifying effects of the drug. The spoilers tease that he will continue to hallucinate and have scary visions as death inches closer to him. The only thing that can save Valentin now is the antidote. But will someone administer it to him on time or will he succumb to the pathogen? If you ask us, this in not a fatality we are betting on! Anna and Valentin just got together and Anna survived the bullet. GH won’t save Anna’s life just so she could watch Valentin die! That;s too brutal to digest! What say you?

Are we Seeing The Last Of Drew?

Okay, so this is one name on our list that makes the most sense! While all other characters dying would mark the end of a prominent storyline, Drew’s death would actually open the possibility to a much awaited storyline! Nina has already dug the grave for her relationship with Sonny, by tipping SEC against Carly. Once Sonny finds out what she has done, she can kiss their love story good-bye on General Hospital! Moreover, if Drew was to die, it would leave Carly heart broken and lonely. And we all know what will happen then! A Sonny-Carly reunion!


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