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General Hospital: Cameron Webber Informs Joss And Friends He’s Leaving Port Charles

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In this episode, Cameron announced he’d be leaving for Stanford, and Spencer blamed it on all the wrong reasons. Later, Joss and Cam had a talk that Josslyn didn’t like. Dex got to see a different side of Sonny when he overheard him being a dad to Kristina while Alexis wondered what was really going on with Gregory. Esme had a long visit with Laura and Kevin but stood her ground before finding she had a surprise visitor. And finally, Elizabeth got ready to face the music for her actions with the hospital board.

General Hospital Recap: Cameron Webber Stunned All

Joss (Eden McCoy) and Trina (Tabyana Ali) met up at Kelly’s at Cameron’s (William Lipton) request and things were awkward at first, considering how Joss and Cam left things. Trina tried to make small talk before Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) arrived, but once he did, he told them the news about leaving Port Charles and going to Stanford. Joss and Trina were thrilled for him, but Spencer didn’t like the idea at all and asked Cam why he was really leaving, thinking it had something to do with Esme ruining everyone’s lives.

After Spencer left in a huff and Trina followed him, Joss and Cam had a moment alone. Cameron told Josslyn he was going to miss her and even told her they could still be friends. Joss was thrilled to hear that but was not happy when Cam told her that she needs to stay away from Dex. He told her that he cares about her and wants her to stay away from Dex for her own sake, not for his sake. But then Cam had to remind her how she feels about Sonny (Maurice Benard) and his dangerous way of life.

GH Recap: Esme Has A Busy Day

Laura (Genie Francis) and Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) were surprised to see Spencer in the rec room when they paid a visit to Spring Ridge to see Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) and Ace. Laura told Spencer he couldn’t be there because she promised Esme he would stay away, but Spencer didn’t care. Too bad Esme did because she was on high alert the second she saw Spencer. Laura promised Esme he would be leaving, but Spencer didn’t care and threw a fit that his baby brother doesn’t belong in prison.

After Spencer warned Esme that their war wasn’t over, he left and Esme thanked Laura for keeping her promise by making sure she didn’t have to deal with Spencer. Esme and Ace settled in for her visit with Laura and Kevin and she explained that something was off when she met Kevin because somehow she felt a connection due to Ryan being her dad. Laura then tried to defend Spencer and Nikolas while Esme wondered if Laura was just being nice to her because she wanted to get Ace away from her. Laura assured her she wasn’t using her.

Kevin tried to appeal to the fact that they are family to get Esme to trust him, but Laura finally came right out and asked Esme if she thinks having a baby in a prison is a good idea. That sent Esme on the defensive, but Laura explained that it could get worse for her and Ace if she is sent to Pentonville. Laura and Kevin then proposed that they take custody of Ace until Esme is free. This sounded somewhat appealing to Esme but seeing them reminds her of Ryan, Nikolas (Adam Huss), and Spencer, so she was going to keep her baby with her.


After Kevin and Laura said their goodbyes, Esme went on a search for Ace’s pacifier, but then turned around and saw Trina standing there with the binky in her hand.

General Hospital Recap: Davis Girls Talk

Chase (Josh Swickard) and Finn (Michael Easton) joined Gregory (Gregory Harrison) for a meal at the Metro Court, and they teased him about his friendship with Alexis, who was sitting at another table with Sam (Kelly Monaco).

As for Alexis, she decided she didn’t even want to stay when she saw Gregory walk into the restaurant, telling Sam that she doesn’t want to deal with him because he lied to her. At the other table, Gregory said he had no desire to talk to Alexis because she doesn’t know how to mind her own business. The two went back and forth with their offspring, who wanted to know what the specific problem was, but Alexis and Gregory refused to say.

Finally, Alexis admitted that Gregory lied to her, but Gregory wouldn’t tell her why he lied about his PCU job. Gregory then had to confess that truth to his sons, and they were confused about why he was taking a teaching break. He said he was taking time for himself, but Chase and Finn didn’t believe him. Later, Alexis tried to talk to him, but Gregory alarmed her when he was unsteady on his feet.

Dex woke up at Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) place with his gunshot wound to the arm, ready to start the next day, and had to take a call from Josslyn (Eden McCoy) without giving away what happened the night before. When Sonny walked in, Dex immediately reached for his gun, and Sonny had to tell him to relax.

Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) soon showed up and didn’t question Dex’s arm wound, but Sonny was happy when Dex left the room, and he and Kristina could chat. She wanted to open her own restaurant and needed Sonny’s money as an investment. Sonny agreed to help her, and Kristina admitted she just wants more out of life than managing a bar. She confessed to Sonny that she loves making customers happy, but Sonny warned her that she might not have time for the other things in her life if she owned a business.

Dex heard the conversation, and it hit him that Sonny really is a good guy. Later, Sonny admitted to Dex he feels more of a connection to Kristina than his other kids because they are so much alike.

General Hospital Recap: Elizabeth And Portia Bond

Finally, Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) arrived at the hospital to meet with the board and see if she still had a job after her Wyndemere confession and caught up with Portia (Brook Kerr), who had her own problems stemming from her lies to Curtis and Trina. Portia promised Elizabeth she would go to bat for her. Soon, Portia also poured her heart out about the Trina paternity question, and Elizabeth was surprised to learn that Trina wasn’t sure about getting a DNA test.

Portia listened to Elizabeth’s story, and both women admitted their lies hurt other people despite how much they tried to justify them. Later, when Liz headed to her meeting, she ran into Finn, and he promised to be a friend for her.


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