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General Hospital Comings And Goings: Sofia Mattsson Leaving General Hospital!

‘General Hospital’ fans recently discussed Sasha’s constant challenges and some think it’s a sign the character is on her way out.

Perhaps all of the negativity surrounding Sasha doomed her character

Sasha has been a character that will do anything to get what she wants: a job, a baby, drugs. Yet all of her elaborate scheming and plotting has simply led to one negative outcome after another. Fans may think her character is unredeemable after nearly two years of increasingly depressing outcomes for her.

Played by Sofia Mattsson, Sasha has become the face of Deception (a role previously held by veteran soap actor Vanessa Marcil who played Brenda Barrett), faked an affair to help Willow and Michael get custody of their son, and then started using drugs. When Sasha got pregnant, she and her then-boyfriend Brando lost the baby.

Then her drug use got worse. She had a mental breakdown. The List notes how fans are tired of seeing Sasha continually spiral downward.

Fan complaints run the gamut for Sasha’s character on ‘General Hospital’

Fans have said some varying things about Sasha. One fan noted that Sasha seems to be “losing it” so often that she is just in constant suffering and it seems it’s time she move on to something better. Other fans noted that her refusal to ask for help is what has led her to repeating patterns.

Fans seem divided between fans thinking Sasha needs to get her life on track while others think she doesn’t need help at all. At what point does General Hospital take a stand to say, “This character is redeemable and gets help” versus “We’re going to stop torturing this poor soul?”

Perhaps Sasha is too real and fans don’t want to deal with such a spiraling character, and rightfully so. The past three years have been very stressful, at best, and there are plenty of things for Americans to worry about right now. Soaps and fictional TV should be an escape from reality, not a dive headfirst into it.


How much farther does Sasha have to fall on ‘General Hospital’?

There are no signs yet of Sasha leaving GH, notes Soap Dirt and Celebrating the Soaps. On the upside, actor Sofia Mattsson has all the joy in her life as she is back from maternity leave following the birth of her baby boy in July 2021, according to Soap Opera Network.

Is Sasha Gilmore leaving GH? Every now and then, a beloved character is recast. Sometimes, if we get lucky the recast is only temporary. Sadly, sometimes the actors choose different paths, and their roles are killed off without the possibility to return. Wait, who are we kidding? Everyone comes back from the dead on soap operas!

Thankfully, recent General Hospital casting news assures fans that a fan-favorite is sticking around. According to General Hospital news and spoilers, GH star Sofia Mattsson confirmed what (most) fans already knew. Sofia is pregnant. In a recent Instagram post, General Hospital spoilers reveal Mattsson spilled the tea in her caption. She shared a photo of herself while holding her belly. The Summer-like sunshine isn’t the only glow on Sofia’s face. The shared photo features her pregnancy glow.. Clearly, the actress is pregnant and took to social media to confirm the news.

News broke that Sofia was pregnant in real life, and that’s when fans began to wonder about her GH status. General Hospital spoilers rumors reports confirm that the actress is due in May. Reports speculate that Mattsson will utilize maternity leave at some point in the near future. Is Sasha Gilmore leaving GH? GH rumors hint that actress may be temporarily recast when her baby is due this coming May. We will keep fans updated on and GH news related to Sofia’s GH status.


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