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General Hospital Emails From Afar: Monica Quartermaine Checks In On Her Family

What new with the Quartermaines on GH?

General Hospital viewers may not have seen Monica Quartermaine for a while, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been keeping an eye on what’s going on in Port Charles – whether she’s away at a conference, or…upstairs. Here’s the email she just sent her sister-in-law and favorite nemesis, Tracy.

Monica Quartermaine: Eyes in the Air

What have you done now, Tracy (Jane Elliott)? Not just with my family, but with my house? Can anyone just come and go as they please? I understand that if my grandson, Michael (Chad Duell) wanted to get married in his family house, then his mother, Carly (Laura Wright), had to be let in, as well. But did everyone have to act like she belonged there? Worse, did everyone have to act like she had the right to decide who did and didn’t get to pass through?

Medical Chart

Also, Drew (Cameron Mathison) has been beaten up in prison. If this was one of your sons, Tracy, you’d have moved heaven and earth to make sure he didn’t need to serve a day. But when it’s one of mine, you act like he’s not even your nephew! How is Drew doing? Send me his medical records, I’d like to look them over. If GH isn’t willing to hand them over, just ask Willow (Katelyn McMullen). I hear she doesn’t know the meaning of HIPPA.


Remember This

Finally, so Ned (Wally Kurth) thinks he’s Eddie Maine again? And he’s dug up those leather pants for a second go-around? Listen, Tracy, you know I wish him all the best. I actually care about my nephew. But, I’m curious, does “Eddie” have any of Ned’s memories? Like from before he came to Port Charles as an adult, maybe? You know, back from his tennis playing days?

No reason…Just curious…Sincerely, Monica Quartermaine


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