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General Hospital Emergency: Alexis Davis Needs A Viable Love Interest – Stat

Alexis Davis has been floundering for years.

Alexis Davis just can’t seem to get it together in the romance department on General Hospital. The last man she thought she had a future with died in her bed and the man before that held a dagger to her throat. In between both men and since the last one, she’s just been floundering without a real aim in life, much less a real love interest.

Alexis Davis: Unlucky In Love

Sure, Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) thought she had finally found the one in the first man she had ever slept with as a teenager, but alas, it was not meant to be. She married Julian Jerome (William deVry), father of her adult daughter Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco), in 2016, and within months, he had seemingly turned back to the mob while trying to kill her.

He even used the dagger Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) had used to kill her mother when Alexis was just a child. We later learned his misdeeds were ordered by his sister, Olivia (Tonja Walker). Alexis and Julian ended up in bed again a few more times, but their romance was officially over.

In 2020, Alexis thought she might have had a future with her former psychiatrist, Neil Byrne (Joe Flanigan), a man who was willing to give up his medical license to be with her, but as (bad) luck would have it, she found him dead in her bed after a night of hot sex. She later learned that Harmony Miller (Inga Cadranel) had snuck into her bedroom and killed him while making it look like a drug overdose.

Two drunken one-night stands with Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) and Ned Quartermaine (Wally Kurth) didn’t go anywhere, but we thought maybe GH wanted to give Alexis some luck with Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison). Alas, that is also not meant to be.


Give Alexis A Man Who Won’t Die Or Try To Kill Her

While the tale GH has in store for Gregory will be dramatic and heartbreaking, it also makes it impossible for Gregory to be a long-term love interest for Alexis. Never mind the fact that it turned out there just wasn’t chemistry between them — GH apparently doesn’t care about that since it keeps trying to make fetch happen with Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and Finn — the show just gave Gregory a fatal disease, and there won’t be a last-minute miracle cure like there just was with Willow.

It’s a tragic story that will no doubt bring tears to our eyes, but it doesn’t do Alexis any favors in the love interest department. However, if GH wants to do something smart, this story could bring Alexis and Finn closer together as Nancy Lee Grahn and Michael Easton actually have chemistry. She can be there for him as his friend and Gregory’s friend through this ordeal, and Finn might realize he is better suited for Alexis than he is for Elizabeth.

Of course, that is all probably wishful thinking on our part, but it would solve two problems. Elizabeth will be free to be herself again, and Alexis will actually have someone in her life who is not destined for imminent death.


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