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General Hospital Fixer Upper: Can Gladys Corbin Ever Be Redeemed?

Will Sasha ever get her GH justice?

Gladys Corbin wasn’t always completely awful on General Hospital. Sure, she went along with Sonny’s scheme to pass off a street urchin as her long-lost grandson, but who was that truly hurting? And she did love her own long-lost son. She truly grieved his death, the same way she grieved the death of her premature grandson.

General Hospital Polling

It’s everything that Gladys has done since which places her beyond the pale. After stealing Sasha’s money, getting her hooked on drugs again, and committing her to a mental hospital, can Gladys ever be redeemed?

Gladys Corbin: Anything is Possible

Child’s play, 10% scoff. Gladys (Bonnie Burroughs) isn’t even in the top five of Port Charles baddies who went on to become beloved members of the community. There’s Sonny (Maurice Benard). There’s Carly (Laura Wright). There was Luke (Anthony Geary), Franco (Roger Howarth), and Jason (Steve Burton). All she has to do is look sad and reel off a particularly pathetic backstory, and she’s in the clear!


Pay It Forward

Make her pay, 18% are insisting, and then she’ll be aces. A health scare is always good. Like, she could get shot trying to save someone. Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) would be optimal. As long as Gladys puts her life on the line, that’s a fair trade in the scales of soap opera justice.

Gladys Corbin: A Crime Too Far

But neither option is expected to cut it for 72% of you. It doesn’t matter that rapists and kidnappers and serial killers have been redeemed on GH. Gladys deserves no such mercy. She did what she did for money. Not for love or for family or for art. Committing a crime for money is the worst thing anyone can do. Unless, of course, you have a sob story about your poor and underprivileged past. But not this time. She’s not popular enough.


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