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General Hospital Home Again: Should Emma Scorpio-Drake Move To Port Charles?

Is the teen scene in Port Charles about to become bigger?

General Hospital fans were treated to a new, all-grown-up Emma Scorpio-Drake when Brooklyn Rae Silzer returned to the role she’d played as a child. Emma used to be the same age as Spencer and Josslyn. Now, Silzer is 16, while the rest of her one-time peer group is in college. But just because Silzer is 16, doesn’t mean Emma needs to be. Should she return to Port Charles – and join the collegiate fun?

General Hospital: Summertime, and the Living is Soapy

It would be nice to see Emma again on a regular basis, 21% venture, but not quite yet. Cameron (William Lipton) is off to Stanford – which, for the record, is only about an hour’s drive from where Emma lives with her parents, in Berkeley.

Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) is obsessed with his adorable baby brother. And Joss (Eden McCoy) is obsessed with the all-grown-up Dex (Evan Hofer). There isn’t much for Emma to do right now. But, come the summer, however, when school is out, she’d be a great addition!


Emma Scorpio-Drake: Tell Me a Story

We only want Emma back if she gets a great story. When her mother, Robin (Kimberly McCullough), was Emma’s age, she was at the center of the Port Charles action. Everyone was in love with her and would protect her with their lives. No sense in bringing Emma on full-time if she can’t occupy the same role, 39% insist.

GH: Here and Now

Then again, an almost equal 40% of you are not willing to wait. You want Emma, and you want her now. It’s about time Joss (Eden McCoy) knew she wasn’t the only game in town. (We’re not discounting Trina. We love Trina. But Joss doesn’t see her as competition. Because Joss can’t see past her own nose.) Emma could be the sweet, young leading lady the show desperately needs. Emma might even be worth Cam coming back to town full-time for.


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