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General Hospital (July 12, 2023): Brando RETURNS, Chase Gets Suspicious

General Hospital spoilers for July 12, 2023, indicate that the episode will feature a resurrection and some perverse mind games. Cody Bell will do all in his power to assist Sasha in this episode of General Hospital. In this episode, Harrison Chase will learn terrible information. Someone’s secrets will be revealed by a surprise guest star. Who do you believe it to be? For thrilling potential twists and turns, keep reading TV Season & Spoilers.

Mind Games And Shocks!

Brook Lynn requested assistance from her grandmother Tracy in escaping the Deception robbery case in earlier episodes. The most recent General Hospital spoilers state that Harrison Chase will become wary of Brook and Tracy sharing secrets. Chase might overhear Brook Lynn saying something unintentionally, which might raise suspicions. He won’t be able to focus on this for very long, though, as Chase might get shocking news in the episode airing on July 12. Chase is going to learn that someone is about to be taken into custody.

While Chase is dealing with all of that, Cody will try manipulating Selina Wu. General Hospital spoilers say that Cody will try his best to outwit her to thrash her deals. As part of his new strategy, Cody will insist to Selina that he understands if she doesn’t want him working for her. But would he succeed? Cody is playing a tough game with Selina, who is the master of mind games. Hence, Cody’s move could backfire and throw him into hot waters.

General Hospital Spoilers: Possible Threat Is On Tracks!

Next, there will be some romantic moments between Michael and Willow in the upcoming episodes. As per the latest General Hospital spoilers, Michael Corinthos will be happy and cuddle Willow at home. He will be grateful for her well-being and express relief over the hospital nightmare ending. However, Willow will be skeptical. She will worry that there’s more to come. She might worry about Nina Reeves still being against Carly Spencer. Will Willow ever have peace of mind?


As reported earlier, General Hospital will have a special guest this July 12. Jackson Montgomery from All My Children will make his way to the daytime. According to the latest GH spoilers, Jackson will figure out the truth about Martin’s actions or secrets since he is an attorney. But he will only expose Martin if Lucy and Felicia go after him. Would he reveal the whole truth? We will have to wait to know. In the meantime, Martin will worry about how he is putting himself in this big problem. Do you think he will be exposed and land in trouble soon?

Gladys’ Truth Soon To Be Exposed?

Further, General Hospital spoilers for July 12, 2023, tease that Gladys will raise a toast with someone. This person could easily be Dr. Damon Montague. It looks like Dr. Montague will raise a toast with the confidence that Gladys will have good fortune forever. He will assume that the pills he prescribed will relapse Sasha, allowing Gladys to be her guardian again. But little does Gladys know that she is about to pay for her deeds. Related spoilers suggest that she might end up getting confronted by her son, Brando Corbin, in the form of a spirit! This will be very fun to watch, indeed.

Sasha will be pumped up in front of a mirror while Dr. Montague and Gladys celebrate their alleged win. Maxie Jones will be suspicious of her behavior, but while she will pretend to be fine and be Sasha 2.0, Maxie will sense that something is seriously wrong. Maxie will begin to worry for her pal. Do you believe Maxie will learn the sinister truth underlying Sasha’s peculiar actions? We’ll find out soon.


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