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General Hospital: Lulu Spencer Returns, But Who Is It?

Today on General Hospital, Lulu Spencer finally returned to the show. She is in a coma and her daughter Charlotte was taken to see her and talk to her by her dad Dante. Now, fans want to know who is playing the important role.

Lulu Spencer Returns To General Hospital

Lulu Spencer was involved in a significant explosion at the Floating Rib that ultimately caused her to fall into a coma. Right after it happened, it appeared like she and Dante may get back together, but he has already moved on. Dante is currently with Sam, and it appears that he has no plans to return to Lulu once she awakens. However, anything may happen in Port Charles.

Dante and Lulu share a daughter Charlotte and viewers did love them together. It would be a big twist if when Lulu wakes up she reconnects with Dante once again.

Who Is Playing Lulu?

Lulu Spencer is back, but today you could only see that it was a person and not actually who the actress was playing the role. For now, it may just be a stand-in. The last person to play the role was Emme Rylan and she started in 2013. Sadly, she was let go from General Hospital and even told fans that it was not her choice.


The viewers would love to see Emme Rylan come back in this role, but more than likely, they are going to cast someone new. Emme is still active on her Instagram and she hasn’t moved on to another soap opera at this time. That does leave her as a possibility for the role.


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The actress who played Lulu Spencer before Emme is an additional choice. When Julie Marie Berman used to perform this part, she too had a large following. If Lulu Spencer is going to awaken, they must locate the appropriate actress to play such a crucial part as hers. Simply put, they chose not to show her face today, leaving people to speculate about the person who will take over this crucial position. But it’s quite clear that Lulu will awaken and come back at some point.


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