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General Hospital Recap: Ned Now Knows What Nina Reeves Did

The GH recap for June 7, 2023, has Ned overhearing an important conversation.

The General Hospital recap features Nina Reeves freaking out before it gets much worse for her.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In this episode, Ned heard a stunning conversation between Nina (Cynthia Watros) and Martin. Upstairs at the pool, Drew met with his lawyer and made a decision. Later, Jordan learned the lawyer she slept with was Portia’s brother. Carly and Josslyn had it out, leaving Josslyn in tears while Willow was willing to throw Sonny under the bus. As for Sonny, he had some conversations with Valentin and Dex. Finally, Elizabeth got the news she had been waiting for. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the details.

General Hospital Recap: Nina Reeves Is A Hot Mess

Martin (Michael E. Knight) and Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) met up at the Metro Court as Valentin worried sick about Anna (Finola Hughes). Martin assured Valentin that Anna was just fine, which was a good thing since he got a text from his Pikeman contact. Nina (Cynthia Watros) interrupted Valentin and Martin to talk about what happened to Anna, but Valentin soon left, leaving a nervous Nina alone with Martin.

Nina was alarmed when Martin wanted to talk alone because he had bad news. The feds subpoenaed his phone records and computer to try to find out who his informant was when he tipped off the SEC. Nina looked like she was going to have a coronary, especially when Martin reminded her that the feds wanted Carly (Laura Wright) to flip on Sonny (Maurice Benard).

Ned (Wally Kurth) and Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) enjoyed some close time at the Metro Court, celebrating the fact that Olivia now trusted her husband. When Nina heard that, she feared she’d be in the hot seat next. Nina was further freaked out when Olivia told her that Sonny didn’t think it was Ned either. Once alone, Olivia told Ned of her plan to find the person who called the SEC, whom she called the guilty party. Ned reminded his wife that Drew (Cameron Mathison) and Carly were actually the guilty parties here. Later, when Ned was wandering by the terrace, he heard Martin assuring Nina that nobody would learn she was the SEC informant.

General Hospital: Drew Makes A Decision Due To Nina Reeves’ Actions

Jordan (Tanisha Harper) and Zeke (Gavin Houston) enjoyed their time in bed, and Jordan told this mysterious stranger that what they just did was exactly what they just needed. Sadly, Drew interrupted them with a phone call because it turned out Zeke was his new lawyer in the SEC case.

Zeke and Drew met at the pool bar, where Drew shocked his new lawyer by telling him he wanted to turn himself in. He wanted to testify that he was the one who told Carly to buy the shares, even though that was a lie. Zeke did his best to talk him out of it. Scout barely remembered who he was, so he didn’t see an issue with going to jail, but he wasn’t going to let Sonny and Carly’s kids be without them. (Say what?)

Drew convinced Zeke to formulate a deal but not to finalize it. He still had an ace up his sleeve — blackmailing Ned to recant the tip even though he was not the tipster. Once alone, Drew called Tracy and asked to meet.

Zeke later met up with Jordan at the Metro Court restaurant, where she returned his room key, but as she got on the elevator to leave, Portia (Brook Kerr) and Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) walked in, and Jordan heard Portia introduce Zeke as her brother.

GH Recap: Josslyn Leaves Carly Practically Speechless

Carly remained in her kitchen, staring at the flash drive with the Pikeman shipment video on it. When Josslyn (Eden McCoy) walked in, Carly told her she knew everything Michael (Chad Duell) had been up to for the last year. Josslyn did her best to play dumb, but Carly was furious at this point. Well, Josslyn was also furious because Michael chickened out on turning Sonny in. As Joss talked about finishing Sonny off, Carly realized once again how far off into the stratosphere her two adult kids are about her ex-husband.


Josslyn demanded that her mother have the courage to do what Michael couldn’t, and all Carly could do was shake her head. So, Josslyn made her excuses. She had to save Dex (Evan Hofer) and Carly, so it was all altruistic. Carly did her best to explain to this young and naive woman that turning in a mob kingpin is a lot more complicated than it sounds. Besides, Josslyn’s blind hate towards Sonny was frightening Carly, and she begged Joss to put the vendetta behind her.

All Josslyn could do was cry and weep that Sonny was a criminal, and Carly sighed that she didn’t raise her daughter to be this naive. Josslyn countered that she once believed Sonny used his power for good but didn’t believe that anymore. All she could see now was that Sonny brought pain to her family. Josslyn then played the Morgan card to remind her mother what Sonny’s line of work has done to her children. Carly didn’t want to hear it and immediately threw the flash drive on the floor and stomped on it till it was in pieces.

That just caused Josslyn to freak out, drop to the floor, and pick up all the pieces. She then accused her mother of condemning Dex to a life with Sonny, so Carly told Joss she had to leave and fix this mess on her own. So, she made her way to the hospital to confront Michael. As for Josslyn? Well, she wept in Dex’s arms, dramatically wailing that it was all over for them now because there was no way out.

At GH, Michael was actually allowed into the room with Willow (Katelyn MacMullen), and she knew something was bugging her husband. He finally told her about using the Pikeman video to save Carly. Willow decided that to save Carly, using the video was just fine.

General Hospital Recap: Sonny’s Big Meeting, Liz’s Big News

At his office, Sonny told Dex that he believed that Ned wasn’t the one who tipped off the SEC about Carly and Drew’s insider trading mess. Sonny was still convinced the entire thing was to get Carly to flip on him, and Drew was just collateral damage. Sonny then veered to the subject of Dex stopping abuse by punching his superior officer in the service, and Sonny admitted how impressed with that he still was. He even told Dex he saw potential in him and could give him a better spot in his organization, a place where he belonged.

Valentin then showed up to tell Sonny that the Pikeman Group was ready for another shipment, but Sonny wasn’t. He still wanted answers about who ambushed him at his warehouse, shooting Dex in the arm. Valentin didn’t have any information for him, so Sonny didn’t want to work with Pikeman anymore. Valentin finally convinced Sonny to allow another shipment.

Portia just wanted Elizabeth to join her for a drink after work to gossip and let off some steam, but Liz complained she had extra work and had to stay late. She was helping Bobbie (the late Jacklyn Zeman), who was pulling double duty as head nurse and head surgical nurse. Soon, Terry (Cassandra James) and Finn (Michael Easton) arrived at the nurses’ station to tell her that she was now going to be head nurse, just as Epiphany (Sonya Eddy) and Monica (Leslie Charleson) wanted.

Elizabeth was obviously thrilled and could barely believe her ears. She quickly called Audrey (Rachel Ames) to tell her she would be following in her footsteps as head nurse.


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