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General Hospital Recap: Tracy Lets Lucy Know She Means Business

Tracy gave Lucy Coe quite a shock.

The General Hospital recap for August 29, 2023, features Tracy showing up in court at just the right moment.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In this episode, the Deception ladies were surprised when Jackson Montgomery and Tracy gave them some lawsuit news. Deception’s stock issues caused Gladys to make a confession to Nina as Dr. Montague tortured Sasha some more. Portia and Trina were happy to welcome Curtis home. Finally, Sonny tried to figure out who was after him while Michael told Carly all of Sonny’s business. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the details.

Tracy Is Ready To Sue Deception

Lucy (Lynn Herring) was her usual frantic self as she waited in the courtroom to see what this lawsuit would have in store for her. Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) tried to remain optimistic about things but also began to freak out when Lucy announced they were going to do this without a lawyer. Marty (Michael E. Knight) was going to help them pro bono, but he seemed to be MIA, and Scott (Kin Shriner) didn’t return her call.

When Jackson Montgomery (Walt Willey) walked in, Lucy was stunned to learn he was the lawyer suing Deception. He refused to tell her who he was representing, but Brook Lynn knew Tracy (Jane Elliot) was somehow involved. While she looked guilty as sin, nobody noticed, and BLQ kept quiet. At least, Lucy and friends managed to get a new lawyer (their original lawyer) at the last minute.

When Tracy walked in, Lucy was suspicious, and Brook Lynn was a bundle of nerves, worried about what her grandmother would say. Tracy announced she was there to protect her legal claim to The Deceptor, but left Brook Lynn out of things — for now.

Meanwhile, things were not going very well for The Face Of Deception as Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) remained in withdrawal in Ferncliff. Dr. Montague (Dr. Toonder) took care of that by injecting her with something else to make her delusional. Sasha tried to fight it, but it was too late.

Nina (Cynthia Watros) was not thrilled when Gladys (Bonnie Burroughs) showed up at her office. However, when Gladys told her it was a matter of life and death, her ears perked up. She almost immediately asked for $50K to cover Sasha’s medical expenses. Nina was a little skeptical and wondered why such a large bill would be due so soon. She was also curious why Gladys didn’t go to Sonny first.

Gladys hemmed and hawed, so Nina told her to leave. She knew Gladys was lying and didn’t want to deal with her anymore. Finally, Gladys spilled (almost) everything about her gambling debts. Nina was flabbergasted and horrified, realizing that if Deception’s stock wasn’t frozen, Gladys would have just used Sasha’s money to pay off her gambling debts. A furious Nina ordered Gladys to leave, so she did. However, she circled right back when Dr. Montague called with more threats.


A New Start For Portia And Curtis

Portia (Brook Kerr) was thrilled to bring Curtis (Donnell Turner) home, but Trina seemed even happier as she ran into his arms and called him ‘dad.’ They made the place accessible for him so he could get around easily. Trina made a bigger deal about him being home more than anyone else, but Portia took her aside and told her she might be making the situation worse. Portia feared Trina was making Curtis feel uncomfortable.

Marshall (Robert Gossett) and Curtis spent some time alone chatting so Marshall could inform Curtis that Selina was making threats regarding The Savoy. Curtis considered selling the place, but Marshall was firmly against it.

When Curtis and Portia finally had some moments to themselves, he apologized to her for the way he’s been treating her since learning he was paralyzed. Curtis then expressed his shame in not being able to physically make love to her.

Sonny Doesn’t Know Who He’s Up Against

Carly (Laura Wright) was relishing her new life singling hash as a diner owner when Michael (Chad Duell) stopped by. She couldn’t wait to tell him about her plan to get Drew (Cameron Mathison) out of Pentonville. She wanted Diane to find some sort of proof that the judge who sentenced Drew was biased. She was convinced something bad would happen to Drew if he stayed behind bars.

The subject then changed to Sonny (Maurice Benard) and what Dex (Evan Hofer) has been up to with him. Like a good boy, Dex has been reporting everything to Michael, so he informed his mother that the new nanny was really a result of Austin (Roger Howarth) and his cousin Mason’s (Nathanyael Grey) machinations. How nice that Carly and Michael now know all these things they shouldn’t know.

Cyrus (Jeff Kober) couldn’t wait to congratulate Drew for being under Sonny’s protection. Drew claimed he didn’t ask for protection, but Cyrus reminded him that didn’t matter. Cyrus also felt that the protection was extended to him as well since he and Drew seemed to have an odd friendship now.

Sonny met with Brick (Stephen A. Smith) to talk about Austin and Ava’s (Maura West) problems. Brick assured Sonny that Nanny Betty (Ella Lentini) would no longer be a problem for him since she skipped town and flew to Mexico. They put their heads together and tried to figure out who Austin works for but kept coming up empty. They knew Austin’s boss wanted a piece of the Pikeman pie, but Sonny thought it was ironic because he did not want a piece of that pie anymore.


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