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General Hospital Recap: Valentin Makes It Clear Who He Blames For Shooting Charlotte

Valentin Cassadine placed blame for the shooting.

The General Hospital recap for Monday, November 4, 2023, had a devastated Valentin worried that the woman he loved may have killed his darling daughter.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

Also in this episode, Sam tried to comfort a shaken Danny, Brook Lynn told Chase about her argument with Granny, Carly told Drew how she and Alexis helped get him released, and Finn’s warning to Liz about putting a jinx on the quiet hospital was on target. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the details.

Tragedy Strikes, Questions Arise

After Anna (Finola Hughes) shot into her dark apartment, Jake (Hudson West) came running up screaming, “Charlotte.” Anna held him back, checked on the downed perp, rolled them over, and saw it was indeed Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez), shocking the former agent. Anna tried to stop the bleeding and told Jake to call 911. Through tears, he asked Anna why she shot Charlotte. Anna put him to work helping Charlotte when Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) burst through the door and was horrified by what he saw.

Sam (Kelly Monaco) brought Scout and Danny home, and Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) sensed something was wrong. Sam updated him on Charlotte and Jake going missing. Dante wanted to know exactly what happened. Danny took him through it all, including Valentin being frightened and leaving them to call Sam. Dante, back on active duty for three hours, got a call about a shooting at Maxie’s old place. Dante left, and Sam tried to help Danny, who worried someone grabbed Charlotte. Danny worried he should have done more. Sam said he reminded her of his dad.

Dante went to Anna’s place and saw Charlotte being taken away by paramedics, joined by Valentin. He looked at Jake and Anna in shock. Jake wanted to go to the hospital, but Dante asked him to wait while he talked with Anna. As she explained what happened, she broke down crying. Dante wanted Charlotte’s backpack as evidence, and he asked for Anna’s gun, too. Anna told Dante to take Jake to GH, knowing Liz would be worried.

General Hospital Recap: Danger Zone

Finn (Michael Easton) and Liz (Rebecca Herbst) returned to work. She said it was quiet for Halloween night, and he chastised her for jinxing them. Sure enough, soon Charlotte arrived, and Liz asked Valentin where her son was. Austin (Roger Howarth) worked on Charlotte, and soon enough, Dante brought Jake and Anna in. Finn noted how shellshocked Anna looked, and he tried to help her. She saw as Valentin asked Austin to save his daughter, and when Valentin noticed Anna there, he asked her, “Why?” She tried to explain, but he said he couldn’t hear it now. Dante wanted to take Anna in for questioning as Jake came over and apologized to Valentin. He said it wasn’t his fault and then looked right at Anna.


Chase (Josh Swickard) finally made it with great treats, but it was too late for the kids on Halloween. Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) gave out granola bars, a nightmare to Chase. They then argued about Tracy (Jane Elliot) being like the Wicked Witch of the West, and Deception came up. She told him about having it out with Granny. She feared taking Deception would mean she couldn’t make it in the music world. Chase said to let Tracy give it to her, and then she can sign it over to her friends. Chase asked that they focus on each other right now, not Tracy.

GH Recap: New Digs

Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) woke up to find Laura (Genie Francis) had Ace. She wondered why Laura was always so nice. Laura said because they’re family. Laura complimented Esme on mothering and supporting Ace. She thanked her but told Laura they couldn’t stay any longer. Laura felt blindsided. Esme worried the place was crowded and she was overstaying her welcome. Laura eventually realized it had to do with Spencer. Esme admitted she was drawn to him and had feelings. Laura said it was natural. They talked about Trina, and Esme mentioned how nice Portia had been. She said Spencer felt familiar, but she knew it was not real or possible. Laura agreed that space may be just what Esme needed to forge her own path. Laura offered to help her with the rent since she was so grateful she’d be staying in Port Charles. Esme agreed to think about it.

Drew (Cameron Mathison) and Carly (Laura Wright) reunited. Drew explained that Judge Kim decided his sentence was too harsh, so he was released. Carly filled in the blanks about her and Alexis’s plan to get the judge. Drew called Carly his hero and kissed her again. She brought him a vanilla shake because all the food was gone. Carly told him about the party and Scout’s outfit. Drew asked Carly to celebrate with him tomorrow evening. They left for her place to get reacquainted. When Carly walked away and Drew stood up, he was in obvious pain.


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