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General Hospital Recap: Willow Tait Gets A Lesson On Showing Grace

The GH recap for June 6, 2023, has Willow Tait remaining unforgiving even as she gets a brand-new lease on life.

The General Hospital recap features Willow Tait learning a mother’s point of view.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In this episode, Willow bonded with a nurse who tried to put things in perspective for her. Portia did her job as a doctor and learned a few things about Esme’s plight. Curtis and Drew spent some time chatting and bonding while Jordan made a new friend at the Metro Court pool. Finally, Tracy ordered Brook Lynn around as Lucy and Maxie celebrated success at Deception. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the details.

General Hospital Recap: Willow Tait Forgives Harmony But Not Nina

Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) remained in isolation, where she only had a nurse named Clara (Susan Diol) to talk to most of the time. When Willow admitted how much pain she was in, Clara asked if she should have her mom come in to distract her and explained that she had been there nearly 24/7 since the transplant was complete. Willow was stunned to hear this and explained what had happened to the woman she thought was her mother. However, she also defended Harmony (Inga Cadranel), saying she was gullible and fell prey to the wrong people. Yes, in Willow’s eyes, Harmony tried but was not the mother she should have been.

Clara talked about moms and how they are only human. Even on their best days, moms just do what they can. And when they have rough days? Moms have to forgive themselves for not being perfect. Even Clara defended Harmony, a woman who might have wanted to do her best and didn’t. At least she pointed out that Willow’s biological mom was there, but Willow said nope, that was her mother-in-law.

General Hospital: Willow Tait Still Rails At Nina

Willow then went on to explain how her biological mom was alive but that she didn’t want anything to do with her. Clara could barely believe that the editor of Crimson was Willow’s mother. Then, Willow, in her infinite wisdom, told her nurse that the mother who had her raped had her flaws, but the woman she was stolen from, who was mean to her when teenage Charlotte was in the third grade, was a train wreck. Clara pointed out that Willow forgave Harmony and wondered how Nina (Cynthia Watros) could be that unforgivable.

Finally, Clara played devil’s advocate and asked Willow how she would feel if she learned Nina suddenly died in a car accident. Willow showed a teeny tiny bit of humanity and admitted that she might feel a loss. Still, her relationship with Nina was complicated. Before Clara left, she told Willow that the universe surely wanted Nina in her life since Nina’s aunt’s bone marrow saved her.

GH Recap: Curtis, Jordan, And Portia Drama

Drew (Cameron Mathison) stopped by Curtis’s (Donnell Turner) place to have some bromance time and was thrilled that Curtis was found to be Trina’s (Tabyana Ali) father and that Curtis moved back in with Portia. However, he was also a little surprised because Curtis was still torn between Jordan (Tanisha Harper) and Portia the last time they talked. Curtis told him all about Jordan’s disappointment with Curtis’s move and how she accused him of using her to sort out his feelings. Drew was pragmatic, saying sometimes you have to hurt the people you love.

He explained that the feds might want Carly (Laura Wright) to turn on Sonny (Maurice Benard) to save herself, but Drew knew she wouldn’t do it. However, Drew somehow believed Carly would turn against him to stay out of jail because he apparently didn’t think he was that important to her. Curtis found that surprising and wondered why the feds were going after them for an insider trading mess in which nobody made money.


Zeke (Gavin Houston) introduced himself to Jordan (Tanisha Harper) at the Metro Court pool bar, and Jordan was unimpressed with his confidence but smiled at the newcomer when he wasn’t looking. The two got to talking, and Jordan admitted that she kissed her ex, and he went right back to his new wife. Still, Jordan was ready to have fun in life, so she offered to buy Zeke a drink. It turned out Jordan and Zeke really liked each other as they talked and flirted. By the end of the night, Jordan had left her wedding ring in an empty glass and hopped into bed with Zeke.

Portia (Brook Kerr) found that her new patient was Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl). She thought she might have strep and didn’t want to infect Ace, but when she mentioned her new job, Portia was extra intrigued. She wondered why Esme had to work and told her she had other financial resources, with Ace being a Cassadine. She thought she should get financial support from Nikolas, no matter where he was. Somehow Portia and Esme managed to bond over their children being in danger on The Haunted Star.

When the subject of Esme leaving town came up, Esme told Portia that Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) would just follow her wherever she went. Portia seemed to like that idea and encouraged Esme to move to where people weren’t always watching her. And Spencer would leave town too, so a bonus in her quest to break up Spencer and Trina.

General Hospital Recap: Laura’s Decision, Brook Lynn’s Angst

Laura (Genie Francis) and Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) chatted about what she planned to do next. Kevin was surprised to hear that his wife decided to go to Chechnya to find her eldest son. Kevin wasn’t sure she’d find Nikolas there, but Laura had to look for him and help him. As usual, Kevin was supportive of his wife. In fact, he was going to go with her. Laura worried about Esme and Spencer all alone, but Kevin suggested getting Alexis to watch out for Spencer and ensure he didn’t get in trouble. Laura then enlisted Yuri to be their guide on this trip to Russia.

Tracy (Jane Elliot) was not happy with Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) and wondered if Chase (Josh Swickard) was distracting her from getting as much information about The Deceptor as possible. Tracy then threatened to tell Chase about her help with the civilian review board. Brook Lynn agreed to help, but not if it hurt Lucy (Lynn Herring), Maxie (Kirsten Storms), and Sasha (Sofia Mattsson). After Tracy left, Brook Lynn rejoined Chase but was distracted by Tracy’s demands.

It also became apparent why Tracy was so interested in this new product as Lucy and Maxie celebrated The Deceptor’s initial sales numbers. Lucy was so happy with how Deception was going she even offered to find Maxie a new house so she could get out of that tiny apartment with her three small children. So, they went online and found her one. Yay! Maxie is finally getting out of that apartment.


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