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General Hospital: Sasha Gets KIDNAPPED, Selina And Gladys’ Dangerous Game For Money

Clearly, the creators of General Hospital are attempting to spice things up by giving one of its characters unexpected twists and turns. Yes, as you are aware, Sasha is undergoing mental health treatment. However, the writers of GH have constructed a plot in which she may experience a setback. What could the new risk in Sasha’s life be? What are Gladys and Selina’s roles in this? Continue reading TV Season & Spoilers to learn more about this storyline.

General Hospital: Gladys And Selina’s Wicked Plan!

As she is the mother-in-law and guardian of Sasha, Gladys, a cunning character, took control of Sasha’s inheritance and financial matters. Gladys is addicted to gambling, such as poker games. She plays Poker and constantly loses and falls into debt. And to pay her debts, Gladys skimmed money from Sasha’s account to pay Selina. But as Sasha is now recovering from her mental health issues, Gladys is scared that she might lose control of her daughter-in-law’s finances.

However, as Gladys cannot repay debts anymore, Selina may force her to kidnap Sasha and ask Sonny for ransom. When they tell Sonny that Sasha is kidnapped, Sonny might feel terrified and pay the ransom off to Selina to save Sasha. After all, $80,000 is nothing to such a powerful gangster! Also, Gladys would never be capable of repaying such a huge amount without digging into Sasha’s account. Hence, she might think kidnapping would be a great choice to repay the debt to Selina.

Will Sasha’s Mental Health Fall At Stake Again?

General Hospital fans are aware that Sasha has dealt with a lot of struggles and losses in her life. She has lost her husband and baby, which affected her mental health more and more. Having to deal with her anxiety and depression, she came into a compulsion to trust her mother-in-law. Hence, Sasha has seen a painful past but is slowly recovering now. Recently, she decided to take control of her life and financial matters. Which would effectively cut Gladys’ access to Sasha’s funds.

Now, if Gladys and Selina act upon their kidnapping plan, it might again trigger her mental health and push her back to trauma. If Sasha gets kidnapped, there are chances for Selina even to harm her. So, not only mental health but this plan might also affect her physical health. But considering that Gladys is not a devil incarnate and would not want to cause Sasha harm, she might reconsider the idea. After all, Sasha is her daughter-in-law. Moreover, chances are that Sonny might find out about her plan, and she might fall into grave danger with the don. So, how will Gladys deal with the problem? Will she give in to Selina’s plan? Or will she come clean about her debts and ask for help? Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more updates on this information.


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