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General Hospital Spoilers: Austin And Cyrus’ Inevitable Connection

According to General Hospital spoilers, Cyrus Renault’s (Jeff Kober) and Austin Gatlin-Holt’s (Roger Howarth) identities will soon be made public.

Fans are perplexed as to how the two men are acquainted given that they have never spoken. Read on to find out more.

Austin Gatlin-Holt And Cyrus Renault’s Connection

The General Hospital spoilers allude to a potential bond between Cyrus and Austin. On the Message Boards, the member Ritzlore posted: “Looks like the revelation of a connection between Austin and Cyrus will happen soon.”

In the hospital, they saw Austin’s response to Cyrus. According to GH teasers, the two have a relationship that will soon be explored.

In light of the expression on his face, it might not be a romantic relationship. Fans responded to the scene and shared their opinions on the forum.

“Taking far too long already. Just way too long. Hope it is revealed this week,” one user wrote. “The two know each other. (Or of each other.) I actually thought Mason was gonna pop up again, and say something to Cyrus.”

There were instances when Austin and Cyrus shared passing glances. The two looked at one another when the elevator doors closed.

Cyrus smiled at Austin and knew why Austin was so concerned. Cyrus could be the head boss that Austin keeps referring to.


General Hospital fans have wondered if the boss is male or female. One noted that the boss is female, but that also doesn’t mean that Cyrus isn’t involved with Pikeman.

Not only is the boss female, but she’s also related to Austin and Mason Gaitlin (Nathanyael Grey).

Will Their Connection Be Revealed?

The General Hospital spoilers suggest that Austin and Cyrus’s connection may not be revealed. Cyrus is heading back to Pentonville.

Fans are unlikely to learn any time soon. Although Cyrus has mentioned going back there, he has not yet taken any action.

Some GH viewers wonder if Cyrus recognizes Austin based on the look he gave him. This might also suggest that Cyrus is still engaging in illegal activity.

Others commented on what an unusual scene that was given that they had never previously interacted on the show. Since that would provide the program with some quality material to continue with, GH fans are hoping they would continue to interact.


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