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General Hospital Spoilers: Elizabeth Is Grateful For Jake’s Help

Is Elizabeth thankful for Jake alerting her about Finn? Or for alerting Jason? Both?

The revised General Hospital spoilers for the Tuesday, June 11, episode focus on gratitude, dismay, and suspicion.

Gratitude and…Questions?

Jake (Hudson West) has really come through for his mom lately. For one, he gave her a heads-up about Finn’s spiraling behaviors. Namely, drinking and cheating. He followed that great move by alerting his dad to what was happening with Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and Finn (Michael Easton). Suddenly, Jason (Steve Burton) showed up at Finn’s just as things got a bit shaky and escorted Liz out of that hairy situation. It’s exactly what she needed.

So, it’s understandable that Elizabeth is grateful to her son for all his help. He really stepped up for his mom. Unfortunately for him, she starts to put two and two together. She asks him to tell her the details of how he came to witness Finn at that dive bar. How will Jake respond? Will he devise a way to keep himself out of trouble?

A Couple Dismayed

Chase (Josh Swickard) and Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) haven’t had a moment’s peace since they got married. First, Gregory (Gregory Harrison) died. And now, Finn’s spiraling down to the land of rock bottom. It doesn’t help that he botched his life enough that he and Elizabeth are done. (GH’s Eden McCoy celebrates a birthday this week)


Chase and Brook Lynn want to get Finn into rehab and care for Violet (Jophielle Love) while her dad is in such a dark, dire place. Something tells us the husband and wife are about to find Finn in an even worse place than ever before. Because the breakup triggered Finn’s abandonment issues to go alongside his immense grief and guilt issues. Needless to say, Chase and Brook Lynn are dismayed. Like Tracy (Jane Elliot) predicted, it will be harder to get Finn into rehab than they think.

Suspicious Minds

Anna (Finola Hughes) — fully aware that Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) is heading Pikeman — visits Brennan (Charles Mesure), the man who used to head Pikeman. Just how is this interaction going to play out? Will she be able to extract any information from her former WSB coworker? On the flip side, will Brennan suss out the fact that Anna knows more than she thinks?

Finally, Sam (Kelly Monaco) pulls a fast one. Does this have to do with her plan to help Jason get out from under the Feds’ control? What exactly does her scheme entail? More importantly, does she succeed?


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